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anxiety attacks happen alot?

Ok, I found this forum because of hiv, I had a anxiety attack thinking I had hiv from a girl and the forum said I have no risk because of my low exposure.. ok now let me explain how my anxiety attacks are PLEASE READ...

I have always had anxiety attack for as far as i can remember. The first attack was when my lil brother was missing for like a couple hours and I rode my bike to find him ( I was 9-12 idk exactly) ... When I was riding my bike I couldnt see him and I started TO GET SCARED and i prayed to god plz god plz god let me find him ill never do anything again let me die dont let him be kidnapped.. Thats basically all that happens with a lil bit of crying.. Then we find him and im normal again.. THis same situation has happend like 10 times ....

Now that Im 19 year old male. I ussualy had anxiety attacks about how im never going to experience puberty.... because I was really late on puberty I went through puberty at age of 17. I was 5'2' at 16.. I'am now 19  5'10" and happy ussualy.. I now have anxiety attacks about  sex std's.. I had a attack when I thought I had herpes because of a girl having sex and I have a bump on bottom of penis. but the clinic said its just a bump ..

I had my actual first ever anxiety attack that effected me more then just crying and thinking of death. This time I thought I had hiv and all I did was think about how im never going to have a kid and I didnt eat anything all day except a bowl of ceral . then the next day I felt good till 5 min later I thought of hiv and death and I layed outside just because my dad got me out of bed. (and i dont let them know anything about my attacks) and while laying outside I just soaked in the sun.. I felt like 200 lbs was on me just crushing my body, I was so nervous I couldnt breath right I couldnt eat much at all and I just kept dozing off in the day. and felt like I had the flu, felt like I had a fever, and just all around nervous shaking and body ached and felt like ****. depressed, and anxiety.. later that day I go on this forum and post about hiv risk and they say I have 0 risk AND BOOOM im cured I have nuthing wrong with me im normal again ... like seriousely its amazing I just thanked god and thats ussualy what happens but my main question is...

OK MY QUESTION is since I had a major anxiety attack that actually effected me going out or doing anything will I get a nother 1 like this severe or just like what ussualy happens and I just cry and freak out...  btw I never cry unless i go through this ****... And I dont even know if what I had when i was lil are anxiety attacks I dont know what exactly anxiety attacks are I just thought I was depressed... I also had attacks when my mom went to jail for a couple years and rehab... my mom always called me a hyperchrondiac but never thought it was seriouse and doenst know I have these attacks about the family...

Thank you if you read this.....
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btw I have never token medicine for this or went to the doctor for it , because it goes away after i find out nuthing is wrong...
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Well in my opinion, and I am not a doctor...it sounds like you just get nervous like everyone else. What I gather ia you can pretty much control yourself and it never escalates to much more than a crying spell. You are normnal everyone gets nervous and freaks out about things, but when you panic and can't control yourself and think your're dying at that very minute, you may have some anxiety. Just stay calm and remember you will get through your situation in time. I also want to add that you should use protection when you are having sex. This may cut down on a lot of your worries. Take care and remember to stay calm.
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I ussualy can control it except for yesterday and today that is when I had a horrible panic attack but Im perfectly fine now . since I found out I'am not going to die lol.. Btw I did use a condom and I ussualy do..

off topic. I talked to my mom about this and she was diagnosed but she only takes medicine when it happens. So ill probly do this also since I only have panic attacks like every 6 months
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Well I am glad that you have your mom to talk to. It helps to have someone to talk to that can relate to your situation. I carry Xanax around in my purse. I usually don't take them, but just knowing I have them there incase I need them helps too!

When you are having your attacks try distracting  yourself if you can by coloring or doing something that requires focus. I know you will be fine. You need to remind yourself that you are young and healthy and no one dies from having an anxiety attack,

Remember "This too shall pass."
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