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anxiety attacks or epilepsy?

im 17 and just trying to find any form of answers.
for the past 9 months ive been having these "attacks" where my fingers have a tingling sensation then go numb. My entire body shuts down and then i have violent muscle contractions/spasms. My fingers, arms, stomach, feet, and legs become stiff and painful and it feels like each nerve its being twisted and pulled in all different directions. My eyes and vision during this shake uncontrollably. i have been told, from those who are sometimes there with me, that my heart rate is around 140-150 bpm.

i got a blood test within the first few months of my attacks and was told that it was anxiety attacks. However, they have gotten worse and i cant find any cause of my "anxiety"; if i have any. Some times they come out of nowhere, like when im sitting in class doing nothing.
I have kept a record of most of my "attacks" and have had 52 of these "attacks" in the past 9 months.The symptoms are all the same.

the reason why i am asking is because i want to know if it is worth getting a CT/CAT scan. i dont know too much about them but i am afraid that all these attacks might be due to something in my brain. I understand that this is a post/form and that i should see a professional but im just trying to take that first step.

anything is appreciated.
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I've had anxiety attacks before and your description fits category possible when I had one. My whole body shakes, feeling stiff and my heart rate is beating so fast I feel as though I was having a heart attack also your breath starts to slow down.

Are you depress or stressed out about anything? If you're stress about something and thinking about it way too much to cause your brain to over think that could be the trigger these attacks. Have you seen a doctor for this? And did he provide you with any anxiety medication?

The next time this happen just breathe through your nose and out your mouth slowly until your heart rate goes back to normal. When you record also record your thoughts and see what trigger this issue.
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You should have a MIR and a EEG done.   I am surpised that the Doctor has not ordered this for you.   Best of luck from ohio
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