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anxiety attacks

hi there. well on monday at night i had to go to the er. they told me it was a panic attack. i thought i was dying. all this week ive wake up with a terrrible headache until i fall asleep. do all of u guys have this headaches or its just me? pls respond i really want to know.
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First off getting checked out by your regular physician is important. So that would be a good idea.. I have serious headaches when my anxiety turns into panic. My head feels like it will blast off. Recognizing that I will be ok and this will pass helps me calm down. Having a distraction such as music, physical activities, talking to spouse or a friend is theuraputic also. You can check out the health pages up in the right hand corner of the screen on MedHelp to find out more about anxiety. Keep us posted..

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head aches usually go hand in hand with anxiety,thats how i figured out i was having panick attack was when I went t the er cause I thought I was hvng a heart attack.
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As I stated in another one of your posts it is difficult to even make a guess concerning your headaches since you haven't mentioned what, if any, disorder(s) you have been diagnoised with and whether of not you are on any medications.

And, if you are on medications, how long have you been taking them and which ones are they?

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