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My 12 yr. old is the member of a swim team. She is very shy however she has been on this team for almost a year. She is good and she loves the practices however when it is time for competition she gets herself so upset she starts throwing up sometimes the day before. She can't keep anything down. The last time was so bad that after the meet ,even though she was proud to finish well she passed out from lack of food or drink. Any suggestions on what we can do to calm her down. If there is something all natural that may help this anxiety/nervous stomach she gets?? I thought she would eventually get through this without help but she may need something else until she can overcome these attacks.
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if she doesn't have a psychiatrist, go see her family doctor. he/she may be able to give her medicine to take just before this anxiety starts. maybe an antianxiety or even phenergan for nausea but leave that up to the doc. i get physically sick from anxiety sometimes but i take xanax and pray it away. i don't take the medicine very often but it's there when i need it. see what her doctor says the sooner the better. maybe consider therapy to deal with the underlying issue, keep an open mind and it's nice to have a parent who cares so much for their child, hang in there.
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i forgot to add, if your child has general anxiety issues, i read in a magazine that sage leaf extract can help, but read up on it. good luck
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