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anxiety attacks...

i just can't stand my anxiety attacks anymore...i get them on a daily basis even without thinking about it...it has put a pause into my life...feel very abnormal...can't do the normal things a mother does with her children...sometimes the xanax doesn't even relief my attacks...when will this go away...i feel like i can't take another attack...and like i said they come daily...i try to relax myself and it doesn't seem to work...

i feel dizzy/lightheaded
feel like can't breath
chest pains/burning
burning pain in my back
my arms hurt like if i had exercised for hours
can't sleep because when i try, i wake up seconds later not able to breath
scared to sleep thinking i will die
anything in my body that hurts scares me and makes me think i will die
fast palpitations
always seem to be sleepy
feel like i can't swallow at times
i cry all the time
diarreah/butterflies in my stomach
feel like someone is picking me with pins in my head and my left or right side of my chest...
tingling in body

i always think there is something wrong with me and that i will die...the thing i fear most is dying and leaving my 2 lil ones behind and not being able to watch them grow up...anyone else feel these symptoms...

i wan't my life back...i just always want to lay in bed because i'm scared to go or do anything...

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Yeah I feel the same symptoms just about everyday...Ive had to stop working for about 4 months now because of these attacks(diagnosed with GAD 4 months ago)...It is really too bad we all have to endure this, I hope things get better 4 you...
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Hi..Yeah I was diagnosed with GAD 8 yrs ago.  the first couple of years was awful...but with time and learning more about it, I have learned to cope and live a normal life.  Once you understand that you are NOT GOING TO DIE...it will get better.  Have you talked with your doctor again?  perhaps there is something out there that could help you better. I am surprised that the xanax does not calm you down...but it could be because you are over thinking all the symptoms. That happened to me....Every little thing I blew out of proportion.  I did therapy and that helped...Know I can sleep and do things I was doing in the beginning, like leaving the house..scared to drive, etc.

I do hope you get to feeling better.  
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I am sorry...they should have a delete button...when you mess up like I did. : )

I meant to answer to breni210.
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i go thru the same stuff but not everyday. i have a friend that does though, and it is debilitating to say the least. if you believe in god prayer works and reading, if not then reading other things to learn as much as you can about the disorder, maybe a medicine change or addition like something you can take everyday to help prevent symptoms, naturally talk to your doctor. listen to calm music, talk to a friend or family member that is supportive during an episode. go see a therapist for some ideas and just to get things off your chest. my psychologist doesn't help me much at all but talking things out with friends and family does help, but everyone is different and you just have to find what works for you. i take xanax as well but not everyday, have to be careful of addiction issues. sounds like you are having severe anxiety over having another attack, i know that too well also. you just have to take one attack at a time. i worry i'm going to have one out in public, and i have. i just try to take one step at a time and make sure i have a quick escape plan from where ever i'm going.  i have a 7year old son and worry how my attacks effect him, and it does effect me doing things with him as well. i have adhd too and the two combined make it almost impossible for me to sit down and do things with him, plus i'm bipolar. i feel guilty for my conditions but i do my best and leave it at that.  good luck
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I really feel for you as i suffer alot of the symptoms you mention also. Especially the breathing one!!! And i feel that i am being strangled around my throat and i get light headed and dizzy and feel faint.  the way i am dealing with it is.......... get checks from you doctor just so that YOU know in your mind that nothing is physically wrong!  Then you know it is the anxiety and you can then think right i know what it is, and keep yourself busy and distract yourself and it works and in the end the anxiety has nothing to feed on and is left looking like the bogus thing it is.  I am still struggling but getting there and determined not to let this bogus thing ruin my life.  Good luck and i am always happy to talk to you if you need to. All the best. Sam
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