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anxiety attacks

I use to take cymbalta and it worked then all of a sudden i was feeling like i was having anxiety  attacks from taking it, my doctor put me on that and wellbutrin, i still felt that way, then he put me on 300 mg of wellbutrin and stopped the cymbalta it wasnt working so yesterday i took my cymbalta and wellbutrin again and started having anxiety attacks bad again, can that have been what caused the anxiety attacks again?
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i take my prozac only when i get really depressed because it gives me debilitating anxiety and panic attacks when i'm not depressed. you might talk to your doctor about only taking the antidepressants when you are depressed and stopping when you pull through. i wanted to try cymbalta because i have chronic pain too, i'm bipolar and have adhd as well. the amphetamines i take for adhd seem to lessen my anxiety but if you don't have adhd it will just cause you anxiety and other bad stuff. the vyvanse for adhd really lessened my use of xanax.  it takes trial and error to find which meds work for you. you might need another med change or an anti anxiety medicine added to help. good luck and if you aren't happy with your doctor, if you don't think they have your best interests at heart or don't listen, then find a new one that will. that's where i'm at right now but i don't have much of a choice with my insurance other that driving an hour away which i have super bad anxiety when i travel far from home. anyway, maybe ask your doc for a different med all together and maybe something for anxiety. velvetvenus
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