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hi all im hoping someone out there will answer me on this question im 44 yr old female and have been diagonsed with peri menopause 3 years now . today im feeling absolutely down in the dumps i was in hospital in august with  chest pain and i was diagonsed with infection of my pluera i had soreness of my chest and breasts and are tender to the touch they sent me home with antbiotic and 2 days later i felt really bad and went back to a different hospital and they kept me in for 4 days but told me that there was no sign of infection . im totally confused by this as they are telling me its probably all stress related. i was admitted to hosp last week for same pain ive had ecg stress tests tests on my heart tests for clots and everything clear. i had a deep burning pain out my chest and upper back and they told me at the hospital it was a bad dose of acid reflux. now i am on a waiting list to get a camera into my tummy to see whats going on. ive suffered with acid b4 but not as bad as this one. ive been discharged from hospital last night mon 26 sept 2011 and today i feel so bad i have muscle soreness my chest aches so bad and i am terrified its my heart even though im just out of hosp with the all clear. my doctor wont prescribe me with hrt as im a smoker and she feels i dont need them also she wont give me a relaxer as she says there to addictive ive been on my menstrual cycle since 23rd june with a day or 2 break in between and they jst keep coming every week.im at the end of my tether i just want to get better. i am waiting to c a gyno to c can she help and im also starting couscelling in october at this stage i am trying anything. is there anyone out there that can advise me or is suffering in the same way. the muscle soreness im experiencing only seems to happen most when i move around and my chest and breast are extremely sore when i press on them please please advise as im desperate for answers
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I have and do suffer from anxiety and perimenapause my ob gave me prozac 15mgs to take the 14 days of my menstral cycle and I get mines 21 days apart twice a month so you are not alone the prozac=works wonders but I am currently taking nothing! Right before my period I usually get really dizzy having panic attacks the basic hard heart beat shortness of breath tighting of the throat etc.... As I could go on and on with the symptoms but thankfully to GOD I didnt have the symptoms this month but all I did was refocus my thinking and thought very positive voluntarily meaning I didnt just sit n say ik Im going to think positive but it has been a long struggle for me these last 3 years still thankful to GOD I have come this far!!!
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I am 45 and wondering if my anxiety symptoms come from perimenopause, as I have not had this before. I say "symptoms" because I don't have any anxious thoughts (other than my symptoms!) I am wondering if I have a hormone imbalance.  Did your anxiety start with perimenopause?  Just trying to figure this out.  Thanks!
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Hi thanks for comments yes my symptom all started with menopause I never worried or got anxious before and now since the peri menopause has hit me I am extremely anxious teary and get depressed
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Anybody suffer from muscle soreness in the chest area arm pain breast pain in peri menopause . I have it for some months now have had ecg chest x ray fasting bloods glucose cholesterol level 4.4 I have had tests for blood clots all clear as well but have this constant soreness . Doctor gave me tramadol in hospital and my own doctor gave me Melfen 400 mg because my tests are all clear they tell me its from smoking anyone out there with same symptoms would love to hear from you
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I'm 46 and I'm most probably in a perimenopause too. I have bad anxiety since few months, not thoughts, but feelings in the body with fast heart beat. I have soreness and burning in the chest and in the both breasts too. EKG is normal.
I have very low progesteron, hypothyroidism and maybe prolactinoma ( diagnosi isn't clear). But I didn't have this symptoms before, even not in the state of not treated hypothyroidism. My last period came this time already on 19th day, so much too early and it was very strong. My doc gave me beta blocker, which help against anxiety and fast heart beat, but the anxiety is all the time there, I noticed it when beta blocker pill decline. It is possible that we have those symptoms because of the hormon imbalance? My Doc try to convince me that I'm just depressed or stressed and burn out, but I can't believe it.
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I went back to my Dr. last week, and she said it had something to do with the fluctuating seratonin levels that happens with premenopause, and prescribed Celexa, which I just started.  I had soreness and sensitive skin, mostly in my arms and shoulders.  I also had muscle twtiches and other strange symptoms.  For a long time, I also did not believe these were caused by anxiety, but as soon as I did, my symptoms improved.  

I do believe there are other hormones that can get out of whack as we reach this stage, (low estrogen?  I think that's the one that causes hot flashes??)  I know several women that needed medication (antidepressants) to help them with this stage.
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