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hi, i have read alot of books and seen alot of doctors that all tell me the same thing.
"if you stop trying to get rid of it it will go away" thing is how do i do this when i am constantly worrying and wanting it to go away. i have tried different tablets and none have worked. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! i need my old self back.
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What the docs are saying is that our anxiety feeds off of our fears and worry, so the more we do of this.....the worse the anxiety gets. So...the reverse would starve your anxiety, making it go away.  The more we worry about it....the worse it gets.  But this is easier said than done, and that's where therapy plays a huge role. Therapy can teach you how to not dwell on your fears and worry so much,  you should think about doing this. Often our anxiety has a root cause, normally something traumatic from our childhood that we never truly dealt with. In therapy we can discover what that is, deal with it and ease our anxiety.  I know it's all very frustrating, but try to take it one day at a time and not overwhelm yourself with it.  The busier you can keep your mind and body, the better.  Exercise is very good for anxiety and avoid caffeine which is a stimulant.  Journaling your feelings and emotions is very therapeutic....even if you throw them away.  Getting your feelings and emotions down on paper is a form of release for us, so try this as well.  Knowing you're not alone can help, and we're here to support you and we understand what you're going through.  I hope this helps, and I wish you all the best.
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Hello,  I've been suffering from anxiety and depression for a while, due to post partum,  and the 2 miscarriages,  I used to take zoloft which didn't help that much, I strated feeling better after 6 months of being taking it, some side effects came with it, headaches,  etc.i decided to stop the medication becuse I was feeling much better.  when I got pregnant again I was so happy but didn't last until my ninth week when  i had a miscarriage,  my depression,  anxiety and panic attacks came back, I was feeling horrible,  couldn't even take care of my 3 year old daughter.  This time I want ed to get better taking natural medicine,  something was telling me to go to the vitamin store, so I went and that's when I found this miracle pills called 5-HTP, since the first time I took it, by the same day at night I was started to feel better,  it was a Godsend for me, it saved my life.  I was told to take 200 ml a day, and it works wonders. this 5-HTP is made from a African tree, and works with the brain serotonin,  to eliminate depression and anxiety,  and it's natural and without side effects,  the one that I took is the quick release capsule,  after a week I was feeling great,  I hope my story can help so many people, no matter what is the cause of your depression and anxiety,  you don't loose nothing with trying something natural,  another thing is you can't combine antidepressants with 5-HTP,  you have take either one.  I hope I can help many people out there in curing their depression and anxiety.  
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