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anxiety everyday, how to cope?

hey, for the past 6 months i've been feeling anxious everyday . I always experience a lump in the throat, tight chest, shortness of breath. tension headache's, tingling sensations in chest area etc. for the past 2-3 months the lump in the throat and has been constant and it is driving me nuts. Everday I experience one of the symptoms  above, with no exeptions. I have medication that I got from the doctor rather than my psychiatrist, because I never went there. the doctor gave me a muscle relaxant/SSRI called oxascand. and to be honest it's not just working, it is doing wonders for me. but the upside is that I can't use it everyday so I use it very rarley for when my symptoms it is at its worst.

I quit school and stopped working weekends, I havent really gone anywhere since it started again after my first panic attack that I have had in 4-5 years. I havent been able to go anywhere because when I try I get very anxious and dizzy,short of breath extreme tightness in throat chest area.

and it's always with me even when im having fun, watching movies, playing games talking with friends. I mean its like when I think anxious thought's it gets worse but even if I dont think about it at all, its still there. and just now recently I started to get depressed about it. because this everday anxeity is holding me back from life. but I started to think positive and since the day before yesterday i've been trying to workout by playing basketball with friends so and ive tryed my best to eat better. anyway at this stage im very good with handling panic attacks but everyday anxeity is crippling me!

my question is : how do you guy's cope?! and how do you deal with everyday anxeity? I just recently started to accept it my anxeity and im not afraid of it, I accept that it's something I made up and I let it run free, I try my very best not to let the symptoms get to me I try to do stuff keep myself busy etc, but in the end its just driving me nuts and I cant help to think about it.
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May I recomend the linden method I don't like medicine and I have 2 people that have tried it and are completely cured. Dontt Think I'm just advertising this method cuz I'm not it really works just type in the linden method on google or on YouTube see for your self all the info
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You said that the doc gave u a sSRI but u don't take it every day? SSRI's need to be taken everyday as they need to build up in the body to reach a level that controls the symptoms.  It is actually doing moire harm than good taking anti-d's one day here and one day there as u are totally messing with the neuro-transmitters in your brain, so what I would suggest is going back to your doctor and asking for a referral to see a pyschiatrist who will have far more vast knowlegde than a family doc and follow treatment to the letter from him\her.  I am sure then after a few weeks of being on the med's ur body will settle down and u'll start feeling much better.
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I agree with julie359, if you have been given ssri's you should have a set dosage to take each day. I have been taking mine for a few years now and stopping and starting them really doesnt help it can sometimes make you feel worse. I have suffered from anxiwty and depression for about 9 years now(since my mum died) and once you learn how to get it under control it is easy to manage. It sound to me as if you are getting anxious about feeling anxious, which sounds strange but believe me its easy to do. I dont understand what you mean by 'its something you made up and you let it run your life' Anxiety is a horrible illness however you need to realise it is a proper medical condition and not something you have made up. It sounds to me as though you have accepted that there is something wrong with you but it is your fault that you have it, I think you should go back to your doctor to find out what you are meant to be doing with your ssri's and I also think going to your library or get onto the mental health sites online and have a good read through anxiety info as, I hope you dont think im being cheeky but, it sounds as if you dont really know how to deal with it.  It took me a long time to get mine under control and I have a few tips that would help you. If you would like any further help please post me a wee comment on email me at ***@****, let me know what your ssri's are and that will give me a better idea of what your doctor is trying to do for you.
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