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Can anyone help me I suffer from anxiety everyday... I have never been on medication for it because I feel like I can try to fight it on my own ... but after trying for about 4 years it's just getting worse to where I get them at work during meetings, in traffic, at traffic lights, and just about anywhere. ..it's gotten to the point that I don't want to do anything or go anywhere ... be a use I am so scared of having one ... I am trying to decide if to get on medication or not I really don't want to ... any ideas that anybody have to help ... Please I just want to feel normal again without meds ...
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I tired for years without meds and suffered and finally found one that worked, it was the best choice i ever made!!
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Have you tried therapy, especially CBT therapy?
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What medication are you on?

I was having severe anxiety a couple of years ago and cymbalta took it away completely. Just throwing it out there.
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I was on Zoloft went off it 8 months ago and just starting up on it again!!
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Diet change, excersise, meditation, prayer and vitamins. Anxiety doesn't go away its a natural part of us. Once you accept that it'll help you deal with things. I wouldn't recommend Xanax etc they just take away the symptoms and not the issue, western medicine is not about a cure its about masking symptoms and most become addicted to them no offense to anyone currently using them because some people have to in order to have a better quality of life but they do something to you. I tried Xanax I felt numb and disconnected and like I said it treated the symptom but I felt odd emotionally. Be well and best of luck. Write down your worries or about your day before bed, pray and drink some warm tea (chamomile).
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No I have never tried any kind of therapy... and thanks for the info ...just wanted to ask how long did cymbalta and zoloft start working once you all started taking it ...I have read that some medication can take weeks or months ... or did you all start feeling the difference right away ...
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