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anxiety hallucinations?

ive been having what im told is severe anxiety for about 6 months now but im really starting to believe its something else.i have many of the vision symptoms such as blurriness and sensitivity to light except my symptoms are constant and have not gone away once.all lights have halos and rays which come off from them.i also have double vision when looking at any bright objects or objects with light on them.i get severe negative afterimages and it appears as if im looking through static.i see random light flashes and cant look at any bright object yet ive been to the eye doctor and told my vision is fine.i sometimes will see things such as spiders which turn out to not actually be there.this often happens when laying down trying to sleep but not always.i also sometimes hear things like loud bangs,zaps,or door slams but i know they arent real and can almost feel them in my head.just last night i woke to this overwhelming feeling of fear and felt as if i was being watched but i was not having a panic attack. i feel like im going crazy and often get the feelings of depersonalization and that nothing is real and life is pointless.im only 15 but im starting to be terrified of everything and im not sure if i even believe in god,an afterlife,or any purpose to life anymore.at times i feel alone and am starting to lose touch with everyone around me.im worried that this could actually be a mental disorder like schizophrenia or bi-polar disorder which run in my family.the only drug ive ever done if you consider it one is marijuana and i have heard of people developing Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder from it.i also have many sleeping problems and get a total of about 4 hours of sleep on a good night but somtimes not even.could this be causing it,is itjust anxiety,or am i developing a mental disorder?
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Ive had Panic Disorder for a little over a year at a half and when i get anxious my eyes do funny things

I see spots
increased floaters
i feel like the walls are twitching when my heart rate is increased

something to keep in mind...this happens to me almost everyday..hyper vigelence

i think i see something moving and it makes me anxious and i think im hallucinating but that i realize im catching a reflection of something for example my stove caught the relfection of the TV..i was freaking out for awhile over what i was seeing at the cornor of my eyes...just something to keep in mind.

Another thing..do you hear these sounds when you are sleepy like in the middle of the night or before you go to bed..i do all the time sometimes i think i hear voices when really its just my mind about ready to hit that dream state...its a weird blurry line between sensation and perception
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I am fifteen as well and I am suffering from the exact symptoms that you have described. I am wondering if you have gotten any answers or any leads as to what this might be? I have been in and out of neurology dept.'s and psychiatric office's and none have been able to give me a diagnosis.
I find it bizarre because the passage you have written almost feels as if it came right out of my head.
Im interested in comparing my symptoms and experiences with you.
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I have exactly the same symptoms, minus the auditory hallucinations. I get visual hallucinations, feelings of unreality and etc. I've had that since 15 years old. I'm 18 now. I did a bunch of drugs when I was 15 such as weed ketamine and cocaine and after my vision has change. However let's keep in mind I was just recently diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Had it for years, recently diagnosed. What you have is anxiety also, which should be a relief. Scary, but treatable. Flashes of light I get from migraines, even when the pain or aura aren't present, but those can also be caused by anxiety. My eye doctor told me the exact same thing, that my vision was fine, I felt so hopeless but now I am beginning to understand my disorder. Anxiety can produce such strange symptoms you can believe you have a serious disease like aids or MS (which I'm scared I do) cancer, tumors etc. I know someone who's friends ENTIRE arm went numb as if he was having a heart attack. Nope. Anxiety. You have to learn how to distinguish what is real and what is not. What is realistic and what isn't. I fear brain damage from drugs and being drugged. That is why I'm in the middle of getting everything checked out including blood work. I want to know if I really have brain damage than have severe anxiety and keep guessing. I am putting an end to my suffering and I hope you will do the same:) Find out what it is that causes this anxiety if that's what you have (I'm not a doctor, can't diagnose you). I'll shut up now.

Keep me posted. :)
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