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i am a 26 year old female. I am working in and fairly decent job and i want to explore more in higher government jobs. The problem with me is that whenever there is a crucial point for me i get too nervous. Initially i don't realize it but people around me start pointing it out and still i don't feel it but gradually when its high time i feel the pressure to the point i get jittery and my hands starts to shake. During my exam everything becomes blank and i feel dimwitted. This problem was there in my childhood my it has started getting yo the point that i can't control it. I also get urge to masturbate when i get nervous. This urge gets me totally blank. What should i do i get so embarrassed that i cant even talk about it to anyone.
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Interesting case to say the least.
I will tell you a pertinent short story:
" A number of years ago, I was listening to a HayHouse
call-in radio program.
The caller was a female, who had been trying to get her
teacher's certificate, but suffered from some form of exam anxiety/phobia ( she also had some generalized anxiety but nothing too deabilitating)  and had failed the exam for 2 consecutive years. her mind would just go blanc, despite the fact that she could answer all the questions correctly, in any setting away from the formal exam.
The host immediately mentioned to her to look into EFT
(emotional freedom techniques). It is a free download
and if the self-application would not seem effective enough,
she could seek an EFT practitioner to help her out.
My curiosity led me to download the manual and since then,
I got hooked and continued studying EFT and  a couple years later I achieved the Advanced EFT practitioner level.
Please consider taking the time to look into it.
It might help you make many positive changes in your health
and professional life as well.
If you have any questions, please post again or message me.
Best wishes,
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Getting nervous is pretty common.  Do you have anxiety bothering you about anything else -- do you suffer phobias, or anxiety generally?  If this is the only place it manifests, one way to deal with it is a lot of preparation so you feel totally prepared.  I don't think you should run away from pursuing what you want if this is your only symptom -- instead, as LightSeeker said, find some way to overcome.  I don't know what gov't you're applying for, but both my wife and I worked for the US federal gov't.  I didn't stay long, but my wife was a careerist and I can't tell you how many times she applied for promotions and failed to get them.  Her response?  She applied for the next one that opened up.
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