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I feel like I haven't been able to concentrate normaly? It takes me hours to finish homework assignments nd I read the samee thing over nd over again bc I can't seem to concentrate. Nd I feel uncomfortable when there is awkward silence. What can I do to reduce anxiety?
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Do you have any idea why you might be having anxiety? Can you talk your parents or school counselor?
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Just like me. You have to push you self and see a doc and get on meds if you need them. Good luck. :)
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This sounds more like ADD than anxiety, though both can appear similar to each other.

I have really bad attention span issues, and everything you describe sounds similar to what I go through every day. I also have anxiety and depression, but they don't seem to affect my schoolwork/concentration as much as my lack of attention span does.

Me, I find that exercise, rest, abstaining from caffeine and alcohol, and avoiding distractions helps best.
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