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anxiety medication

Im on this anxiety medication im wondering if it will make me better orbis just like for symptoms for the day ir somthin
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It helps release hormones your body isnt producing. Not sure its a fix for forever but while taking it...
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That would depend on what medication you are taking. Some medications work in the long term like stated above, while others are more for the short term, like something you would take while experiencing anxiety to mask the symptoms.
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What kind of medication have you been prescribed?  I am a proponent of medication combined with talk therapy when dealing with anxiety.  Depending on what kind of medication you are on, in my experience, some side effects can stay with you for a little while (i.e, when starting, stopping, or adjusting the dosage of an SSRI).  For me, medication is a useful tool when confronting anxiety, but it is not a 'cure all.' We all react differently to medications, and must weigh the pros vs. cons of taking them...for me, the pros outweight the cons...keep us posted!
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Drugs don't cure, no.  They are all bandaids tested only for short-term use.  But if you have a cut, sometimes you need a bandaid until you heal.  As mentioned above, we don't know what med you're on, so whether it's just a short term bandaid or a longer term bandaid, we don't know.  If there's a cure, it's in therapy or some other way you permanently alter the thought patterns that plague us.  Some can do this, some can't.  So when you do take a med, try and get over the underlying problem as quickly as possible so your brain doesn't get too used to the bandaid.
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Oh i see well im sure its short term thing its called umm apo-metrolol or somthing like that
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I would have to echo what Paxiled said.  Medication is definitely not a cure all, and while it has helped me, the most important thing you can do in my opinion is to confront this through therapy by learning about the root causes of your anxiety and how to successfully deal with it in the long term.
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