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anxiety / nausea ALL the time

The past 4 years i have had really bad nausea/anxiety and im always nervous for some reason, its really bad when i get in cars or when its really quite, its so bad  i had to leave high school, becuase i couldnt sit in class with out feeling like i was going to throw up. When i feel like i am  going to i NEVER do but come really close, ive been to my docotor about it and they said its nothing, but it has to be somthing, any body with any ideas or advice?
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It could be anxiety or it could be some sort of stomach condition. I had a similar problem and immdeiately thought I had a horrible disease. I was in and out of ERs and constantly at doc offices. I had a lot of tests done, endoscopy, blood tests, stool tests, and ultrasounds. All were normal except my stool tests which tested positive for a fructose malabsortion which was causing me some of my discomfort but the majority of my problems were from anxiety. I too actually left high school from constant stomach problems/anxiety.

You could try some talk therapy and go from there. If you address anxiety and the stomach problems start to resolve you can avoid all the tests they would do for a stomach issue. Either way checking with a doctor is a good idea and seeing what they recommend you do.
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If you have been suffering with this for four YEARS to the extent that you quit high school...........I do indeed have some advice for you. Go get a second opinion and if need be, a third and a fourth. Whether it's a physical problem, an emotional problem or both, there is treatment through therapy, medication or a combination of the two.
I wish you the very best
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