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anxiety newborn and breastfeeding..

So I had my baby two months ago and I love it but it's been pretty tough since I've suffered from anxiety and panic attack disorder since I was a kid and now even more so after the baby. I feel exhausted ,depressed and anxious pretty much all day everyday for the last month. I am also nursing and I love it but I don't know if my anxiety is affecting my baby in any way. So i guess my question to you ladies that are dealing or have dealt with something similar what helps or helped you deal with it. Thanks for any advise in advanced!
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I think seeing a therapist would help  
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If you love breastfeeding I think you are fine to keep doing it. :)
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What relaxes you or helps to calm you? I would definitely focus on these things, especially while nursing.  
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Talking definitely helps. Just try and stay calm when you feel the anxiety coming on. I had social anxiety when I was in high school, tried a few different meds and now I'm able to deal with most things on my own. Find things that work for you. Soft music, hot shower. Take note of what triggers your anxiety so you can be prepared when it happens. I made the decision to quit my job because of anxiety just last year but I re enrolled in college. You can work around it without it beating you. Don't be afraid to talk to your doctors and family too. Congrats on your baby and good luck, stay strong! :-)
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Yes i deal with anxiety and depression everyday im still pregnant and shes due in a week and i have a feeling i will be feeling the same way....but i do take medication for it but yeah i understand how you're feeling and i would get some help and get on medication it helps trust me feel better
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I agree with lotsofkids my hubby has bad anxiety we have certain things that we can do to calm him when his attacks come on
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Thanks ladies. .
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To the person who recommended medication -- not a good idea when you're breastfeeding.  Don't want to feed the little ones these medications.  
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I talked to my doctor and Zoloft is safe to take
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