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anxiety or tremors?

How can you tell if you have general anxiety or essential tremors?
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Usually with General Anxiety the shaking feels as if you are unsteady, you'll have panic sometimes with it, you'll be worrying during the shaking, your thoughts will begin to consume you, you'll find yourself worrying about the littlest things (such as anxious shaking being tremors) and so forth...

Anxious shaking usually is more of a 'my body feels weak' kind of shaking.

Tremors will feel like they are coming DEEP from within you and your entire body will feel shaky as if the ground is slightly somewhat unsteady.

I know it is a strange way to explain it, but to my understanding and my experience that is the best I can do to explain it :/

I hope this helps! Take Care :)
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does your chest tighten up, your breathing quicken and your thoughts go flying?
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