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anxiety remedies

i want to know some effective natural remedies or hoemopathic for anxiety.  i got it after my mom and aunt died. i seem calmer now but there are cewrtain situations that i find mysel panicing.  Any suggestions?
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Funny you should ask this question. I have just started working with Meridian Tapping Techniques for my anxiety and I am telling you this stuff works. Just type in Meridian tapping techniques in google and you will find all you need to know. There is even a manual that is free and you can print it out . The technique is very simple and even though I had doubts I am starting to feel the results and it is pretty great!!! The basics is that you tap on different parts of the body in sequence and recite an affirmation for what your problem is . I think everyone on this forum should give it a try. Hey you have nothing to lose except maybe some of your anxiety!!Hope this is some help to you.
     Happy Tapping!!!
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have you tried bach's rescue remedies? these are very helpful and useful in stressful situations. It comes in a form of drops, pastilles or sprays.

if not you can contact a homeopath who will assess your individual case and make you up a concoction.

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