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anxiety stinks to deal with part 1 edited version

Hello ppl out there ,  I might have posted many things on this forum before bt today I am feelin extremely down tht I thought letting go all tht happened in my life wil make me feel better , besides tht im rly hoping this doesnt bore u ppl ,first of all I wud regard myself as a smart shy emotional person and I pretty much excel at all my examinations and till I was 17 I kinda screwed my o level , and basically i was v ambitious and very much keen in pursuing my dreams in medicine , I loved the profession so much as its noble and professional , bt since I didnt perform well in my o level , I was told to retake a few subjects n tht disappointment triggered my anxiety attack , and oh ya I missed the part where I did my a levels n performed rly well and i was happy to pursue my dreams n tht was when I was told im nt eligible due to my previous o level results , and I broke down for 6 months , I had to deal with bad anxiety as in palpitation , fear and bla bla bt yet I stood strong n worked hard while dealing with panic attack during my exams  o levels , I cried bt yet I did my paper well, cause its my last chance tht have into entering medical school and I did in year 2009 , then I concentrated , put in my heart n soul into my studies , and I finished 4 years of medical course even though I had my moments of anxiety and panic attacks , I dealt with the worst and nw im in my practicals or clinical years , im working hard and anxiety has been haunting me like popping ears , tightness in head area, eye flickering eye floaters , stuttering, social anxiety , neck stiffness bt im still standing strong hoping for a miracle quick fix tht I can enjoy my learnin process without worrying abt my health and I hav lots of aim to b a great doc and help the needy ones out there , bt anxiety has been an every day battle for him , n sometimes I will work 32 hours non stop n this wud stress me further bt yet n yet im praying screaming within me god release me n others from anxiety , its a living hell and I need to succeed , I haven't given up yet and still continuing ,  im only taking some herbal medicine from himalaya products by the name of mentat   n healthy eating , ppl who is reading this post is just to tell u ppl out there , no matter hw bad it is , get up n get going , dont think abt tomorrow since it's nt promising , live ur life for today , for those of u who has been experiencing such do share ur story , we shall motivate each other , pls ppl keep me in ur prayers tht I wud complete my tough journey and wil become a gd doctor in future , and tc , love angelMember CommentsPost a CommentTo:Your Comment: *< Back to Community Full Site
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