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I was diagnosed with anxiety when I was around 10 years old when I went to my doctor with chest pains, it never really bothered me I was just kind of shy, quiet and awkward. I occasionally worried about things that were unlikely to happen. In the last two months I've been experiencing: chest tightness and sharp stabbing pains mainly on the left, achey and tingly and numb left arm, headaches, back aches, heart palps, poor sleep, extreme fear of my heart, blurred vision, cold sweats and an extremely cold left hand and feet.These symptoms are sending me over the edge with worry!! I've had 4 ECG's and about 5 check ups with my GP and they claim my heart is fine… I've got blood tests and an X-ray next week. Is this just anxiety? It's so hard to believe that a mental illness can make me feel so rubbish all of the time.. These symptoms are every day MOST of the day :(
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Assuming that you haven't spent too much time on the internet, reading about symptoms and convincing yourself they relate to  you (we've all been there)...

Tingling and numbness are neurological symptoms and together with head aches, blurred vision and one-sided symptoms., you ought to see a neurologist. I hope you've received an all clear from your cardiologist as well.
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