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anxiety symptoms

I just read them all and now know why i am nuts..........Some of these I have had since my late teens............Never knew what was wrong with until my
late thirties.. I suffered in silence...What a great site this is.. Thanks
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LOL...quite a list, isn't it?  And, it's forever growing as more and more people suffer with anxiety have their experiences to add to the mix.  

Sometimes, just reading how other people experience the same thing as ourselves make us feel so much better. I know I felt very alone in the world before finding other people that had anxiety.  And, after I became a bit more"open" about it...there were people in my life I NEVER knew had an anxiety problem who started sharing with me after I opened up about it.  I now know several people who have anxiety disorders that I would have probably never have found out about if it weren't for ME sharing MY story.
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