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for the past couple of weeks i have been having high anxiety about catching a std the last girl i was with assures me that shes clean she had blood drew for a physical and again when she had gone to the hospitle i was with her in early august of 2009 prior to me thinkin about a std i lived a normal life the only stress i had was finding a job but physicaly i was fine but ever since i started thinkin bout it to much ive felt lightheaded dizzy my fingures felt numb and tingly also my lower back has been bugging me i think i have a disease or something thats all i think about even tho she tells me shes fine i dont have money to see a doctor can any body help with advice to control the anxiety thank you
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i know i really cant stand itim not the same person i used to be i just dont know what to do im really afraid yet at the same time i have thoughts of  all these symptoms started to happen when i focused on it im at  a constent battle within my self
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Your anxiety will get worse the more you dwell on what is upsetting you. I have been dealing with anxiety for many years and from what I read in your post sounds like your anxiety is giving you physical symptoms which it can do. When you start getting anxious try taking deap breaths through your nose and out your mouth while changing your thoughts to I am fine, I am not in danger, I will calm down. Or any POSITIVE self talk. You are only going to get worse if you allow the scary and/or negetive thoughts to be dominate in your thought process the stress and anxiety will feed on it.
Take care of you!
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thank you robyn i really do appreciate your words and i will definetly take them to help me
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thanks bro i will give them a shoti should really calm down the girl says shes clean had physicals an all that stuff so i will get some vitamin b pills thank you
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i had vaginal sex this is what happened we had sex and it turned out that i got her pregnant the sex probably lasted bout 3 or 4 minutes well she didnt want to have the baby so she aborted it bout a week later and yea i do think of  it all day but she tells me that she had a physical and the doctor drew blood and she was fine a week later she had gone to the hospitle she had took to many sleepin pills and the doctor told her all she need was more potassium so she tells me shes fine and im thinkin that the doctors would have told her something about her blood either at the physical or at the hospitle
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thank man you really made the anxiety go away i feel calm now and i think your right they would have found something either when she aborted it or and the physicals thanks bro i really apreciate it
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