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Do you ever wish there was some sort of inhaler we could take when we feel an anxiety attack/symptoms coming on, just something to stop it in its tracks so we can think logically about the cause of our symptoms instead of fast forwarding to "I've got......heart problems, cancer, MS, about to have a stroke" I suppose I can only dream...... Please share any distraction tactics that work for you, thanks weevy
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yes i do that would be the answer for me because my anxiety is killing me. its like u said when your head hurts (brain tumor)when i get dizzy(stroke)i cant breath good (lung cancer) when my muscles or joints hurt (ms) when i know its not . if u dream comes true let me know.
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Well, there ARE meds out there that greatly help during a PA, but they come in pill form!  Have you sought help with a doctor?  Tried any meds or therapy?

The good news is, there are a lot of treatments out there for anxiety...relief comes, it just takes time, work and patience on our part.  There really isn't a "magical cure" per se, but learning how to cope is possible with therapy, and there are a lot of different meds that have helped countless people control their symptoms.

You're stuck in the anxiety cycle, where your anxiety triggers scary thoughts and fears, which of course then triggers more anxious feelings.  Once we learn how to break that cycle (again, with therapy while meds help control the symptoms)...we can move past that way of thinking.  Once we manage that, our anxiety level diminishes greatly, and for some, goes away all together.

If you haven't yet, see a psychiatrist who can properly assess and diagnose you, and then discuss with you the various treatments out there!

Good luck...keep us updated!
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Long, deep controlled breathing, reading, listening to music that's enjoyed, Think of future joys to come, not easy when anxious/depressed. For me exercise ie running/cycling is of limited help,but it's fun to do. The quick acting drugs are only for short term use, easy to get hooked. Good luck.
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Yes I know all that, I've been suffering with anxiety for 14 years! and I've tried many therapies including counselling, self help systems, CBT, I know there's not a quick fix and its best to find a way to overcome anxiety without leaning on "crutches" but that doesn't help when you are in the middle of an attack, thanks for your input though....
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Thanks its good to hear what works for other folks, yvonne
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Yeah I cud make a fortune ;) !
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