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Hey I was wondering, can anxiety cause you to have dry mouth?? cuz it wasn't even happening till i got worried about being dehydrated, and even though im trying to not be worried about that anymore, the dry mouth doesn't help much....

Also ever since i had my last HUGE panic attack last august, I've been so freaked out of wondering whether or not I'm malnourished that I eat like everytime I get even the slightest bit of hunger, and I realized that within this time span up till now, I've gained like almost 15lbs from eating so much all the time, and being kinda scared to exercise for fear that i'll get lightheaded and pass out. Any suggestions on this eating thing? how do I know I'm eating right?? or enough? or that I can work out and I'm not going to pass out?
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Yes, dry mouth is a symptom of anxiety that many people get.  

If you are concerned about eating healthy, maybe you should make an appointment with a nutritionist.  If that isn't possible, there is lots of info on the web that can help you make the right food choices.  Also, you could ask your regular physician for guidelines that you can follow.

As for the exercise, if you are healthy (maybe get a physical first) there is no reason why you cannot exercise.  Start slow and gradually increase.  Once again, lots of info on the web which can give exercise programs starting with beginners and moving up.  

I think that you are making great progress because you are ready to do something about your fears and your health CONGRATS!!!  Best to you!
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