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anxiety vs panica

what is the difference between a panic attack and anxiety attack?
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I see you have no profile info yet, and hope you will add some so we can visualize you a little better.

Now, to your question.

Anxiety is to babbling brook as panic is to FLOOD!

Anxiety -as a disorder- is a gnawing sense of uneasiness or nervousness that occupies the emotional background more or less constantly and keeps us from taking part in activities, or attempting to meet new challenges we might otherwise freely take on, even with the possible out come of results we don't want. Anxiety frequently carries with it physical symptoms which seems completely unrelated to the anxiety itself: aches and pains, shortness of breath, tingling and itching, digestion problems. See the long list under HealthPages/FAQs, at upper right.

Panic is a keen sense of something badly wrong or a threat to our well being. It may appear to come "out of the blue," or be identified with a an object or situation, such as snakes, flying, public presentations, dark theatres -the list goes on. The specific triggers may be classified, medically, into various types (agoraphobia: fear of open spaces). Symptoms include sudden, copious sweating, very rapid heart rate, a desire to get the hell out, NOW, fainting (or feeling like it) and numerous other sensations which are very sharp and frightening. Sometimes, to avoid panic, people stay at home, or can drive west, but not east, etc.

As you might suspect, anxiety and panic frequently travel together; the person with PANIC has ANXIETY about when the next panic "attack" may occur, for example.

The other way to learn about panic and anxiety is simple to read the posts that appear on this forum -all about the avrious kinds of panic and anxiety and what people do about them.

And the reason you ask is.....?
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i can tell when its anxiety because it stays with me all day, never goes away, wake up with it go to sleep with it . as when i have panic it comes on fast out of no where than in 15 mins or so it gets better goes away, i have very few panica attacks mine likes to make my life he-- all day long. but most days i look it in the face and keep going , not letting my brain take over. face it face on see what happens.
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