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anxiety without being anxious

So im just going to lay it all on the table right now. i have some concerns that my anxiety is not really anxiety. i have many symptoms of anxiety.
tightness around the head
tingling in the hands and feet
electric shock feeling on the skin that tend to feel cold
a feeling that a certain part of my body is cold/tingling
bulging eyes
numbness/weakness in limbs
my concern is that these things arent anxiety because i get them when im not having a panic attack. i mean i worry about it when i feel it but i dont hyperventilate or anything. does anybody have these or others when their not having a panic attack because if you do i would really like to know. thanks
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Panic attacks are severe anxiety attacks.  You can have bad anxiety without actually having a 'panic attack'.   Anxiety frequently lasts for some time.  The symptoms you mention are common symtoms of anxiety.  Read many of the posts here and you'll find these symtoms mentioned in a good number of them.  
Many people suffer anxiety without having actual 'panic attacks'.  Their anxiety may get pretty severe at times, moreso then normal,  but not necessarily so severe to be panic.
Hopefully you have sought medical advice about these symptoms you experience to rule out other ailments as the cause.
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i have never had a panic attack but i suffer anxiety,and all those symptoms you have explained i have,you have not got to hyperventilate to experiance this,you said yourself you worry so that is being anxious
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Thanks so much for responding. It has made me feel alot better knowing that im not really dying or something.
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