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Does anyone feel like there going to pass out , fainting? Its it anxiety?
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One time I had an anxiety/panick attack and my face and fingers went numb so i think that anxiety can cause alot in your body.  You have to just say everything is ok in  your mind and know its all stress.  Sometimes I get water and sit and close my eyes until it passes... think of nothing but a beach.  You have to find ways to feel ok because even though you may take xanax, benzos it doesnt always stop how you are feeling thats what stinks.  Sometimes out of nowhere I will have a feeling of something bad is going to happen i hate it!  I feel abnormal but obviously i just found this site and many people have problems like this because of life and past things that happened in your life so remember your not alone.  Im so glad i found this.
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The short answer: yes. yes. yes.

I have suffered panic attacks and been diagnosed as agoraphobic: take klonopin for relief.  Forgot to do this after son's memorial and passed out @ Starbucks.

Are you being treated for anxiety?
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Yes.  I frequently get that faint feeling.  Only twice that I know of did I completely pass out, and they were episodes attached to extreme circumstances.  

Shallow breathing which is probably the way we all breathe or even holding your breath (you are unaware of doing this generally) causes the faint feeling.  Blood is not reaching the brain.

Hope this helps. I am getting back into a habit I dropped after retirement; morning meditation which reminds me to breathe deeply or just regularly.  

Keep posting.  We are here for you.  Any question re anxiety is welcome.
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Yes that is how this all started for me.
after a panic attack. i just feel into a cycle

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