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wgen i go out with my husband,i can't talk to people,i stay in the car when we go on tripsHe just gets out and starts talking to people,why am i jealous???i can't sleep at night either.It is causing major arguements with us.I'm originally from Scotland,he was born here in usa.There so much i'm missing,and want to do,i get very anxious and panica!!!i'm too old for this,i'm 64.Can you pleasehelp me  Thank you very much          ***@****
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It sounds like you are experiencing anxiety/depression.  Many people with this disorder suffer the same symptoms you are experiencing.  They are VERY common with it.
Have you had problems with anxiety before in your life?
You should make an appt. with your doctor and get a good physical exam.  Discuss these symptoms with the doc and see what he suggests.  After reviewing your complete medical history he can make recommendations for you that may include counseling and/or medication.  you don't need to live with what you are going thru.   There is help available.
Let us know how you make out.
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