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in dec of 09 i had a panic attack i went to the doctor because i thought the worse she done blood work and a ekg she said it was anxiety so i went about my way about 4 months ago i started getting pains in my left upper and forearm and hand got this tingle i get in top of hand to can also feel pains in my leg and back to then i started to get shoulder pains neck pains face pains ,i had a feeling in my gut like butterflys alot of belching and feeling bloated to so i went to a doctor and we drew blood and a week later i went back he told me it was anxiety so then started the depresson meds that just made me feel worse so i went to doc number 2 he said it was anxiety but took me off the depresson meds and put me on buspar for anxiety its kinda helped but i still get all the pains i feel so traped like cant focus on nothing it affects my job and home life im so affraid something bad is going to happen i can feel my heart racing at times im going to a 3rd doc now and he thinks its anxiety but were going to do some test just to rule out other stuff can anxiety make you feel this bad i just want my old self back i want to feel the way i did 4 months ago im not my self can anyone help
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Are any of the docs you have seen a psychiatrist?
If not, I suggest you make an appointment with one.  They are the best to deal with anxiety and depression and know the medications well.  Don't fool around with GP's with this and go to those trained to deal with it.  They may also recommend Therapy to help you thru this tough time.  
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i had a doctor to suggest therapy and i told him i would be interested but my worry level is so high because befor i started feeling these pains i was ok about 4 months ago i didnt feel depressed or anxiety even tho i have been told you can have it and not know you do. its like it just slapped me in the face i have always been laid back guy .now im like going out of my mind thinking something is wrong with me i go back to the doc tuesday im going suggest therapy if everything comes back ok its just so hard to deal with this i have never had any health issues befor no broke bones or nothing i think thats why im so freaked out about it and it may be anxiety but i just want to be sure cause im almost 3 and i want to start a family.
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Everything you describe is so typical of anxiety/depression.  
Is there anything stressful going on in your life recently, good or bad?
We are always afraid to face the issue of having an anxiety/depression problem.   For some reason we see it as a failure on our part or some personal weakness.  But the reality is it's an illness just like anything else and needs appropriate treatment.  Don't delay seeking treatment by hoping what you have is something else.
Follow up on seeing a psychiatrist and you will be glad you did.
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I've been feeling like that since summer of 2009, I've started to see a therapist in March and it has helped me loads. I alos passed lots of test to rule out the worst but when everything comes back normal you have to tune in and realise and accept that it is anxiety no matter how much your mind is convincing you that it is a life threatning things and that the worst is going to happen. You have to say oh, there is my symptom(s) caused by anxiety again. Ok, I don't have time for this go away and be mad about it.

I've used many technique and each helped me a bit but together helped me live with it. Talk to someone, there are crisis help line with people who are trained to help you through anxiety attack or rough patches. Find a therapist, physcologist, phsyciatrist to talk to. You should check out the ONE MOVE TECHNIQUE from Joe Barry, taping techniques, exercises, muscle relaxation CDs, walks in nature, writing a journal. There are lots of things you can try.

I tried medication and didn't like the effects, I wanted to find a way to deal with the issue not cover it up. My first step was talking, getting tests and then finding the One move technique. I searched the internet and with all gathered helped immensily.

It took me a while  to realise that some food like coffee and chocolate would bring on symptomes and that if I just let them do whatever they needed to do and not let the panic take over they leave faster then when I worry.

Good luck,
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thanks for your advice it really helps taking to people it means alot to know that im not alone in this it just so scarry to feel all these pains and when your mind takes off whith it its worse
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im going to i have had alot of stress whit my job,and family members i have a twin brother that is a drug addict and an older brother who is an alcoholic and another brother who is by polar my grandfather passed away 2 years ago and a try my best to carry everyones burden cause he used . my job is so rough i got a boss i love but hate if that make since my wife got laid off around nov of 2009 and my brother got fired and i might have to start paying for a loan i co-sighned on i can think of abot a 100 things that is causing alot of stress the list could go on and on i feel like i cant controll it anymore feel like im lossing it i hate to imagin that all that could cause all these pains  im feeling
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