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Hi im Brandon, and ive been worrying alot lately,it all started back in 7th grade when i use to wake up shaking and sweating and sometimes with goosebumps, and now im in 9th grade heading into 10th, its been pretty normal for me between those two years and i havent had those problems at all and i forgot all about them, i hang with my friends on a daily basis and i love my family and my dog pete and my cat jasper.Well this problem popped back in my head again and the reason being is if im going to get into heaven or not. It tears me into two because i beleive in jesus christ and accepted him as my father when i got baptised in 6th grade and i go to church on a daily basis. I pray to him when i need his help and it usually works 9 times out of 10,but when these problems reapproached i started getting worried, my symptoms are stomach aches, hot flashes, and shaking and or trembling. I know anxiety isnt that bad and can be dealt with easily but something inside me keeps telling me that i need help, at least go check out with a doctor, the problem is with that stupid commercial about the last exorcism thing,i dont beleive in any of that nor do i want to but theres a phrase that caught my attention, the phrase was if you beleive in god you must believe in the devil, in which i do but i dont look to him for answers and i already promised to god that i would always beleive in him and worship him. I love the lord but thats been my problem for awhile,is wether or not i will go to heaven or ill end up in hell,but i was told that the lord is always by my side if i trust in him which i do,but thats not the problem as of now, im not worrying about that as of now the problem ive been dealing with is the shaking and sometimes sweating. i dont worry about that problem anymore because i talked to my father and he said its your choice if you want to go to heaven or not and i chose heaven so i dont worry about that anymore. My concern is wether or not i have a mental condition thus anxiety because i cant stop worrying about wether or not something is wrong with me.Ive asked my mother also about this and she said anxiety is normal,but i still keep on worrying about it,thats the only problem is that i want the stomach aches and shaking to go away and sometimes it does throughout the day but it just creeps back.im fine around family and friends but when im alone it creeps in and i just dont know what to do.ill be fine if i do have a problem because i want it to be dealt with, my mom told me just to relax and breath but sometimes that doesnt even work, i look anxiety up online and i look at the sypmtoms and thats what i have, and that worries me and i get anxious, but i dont want people thinking im crazy or that im mentally ill because im not, and ive asked the lord to help me stop worrying about it and i havent yet,so i think he wants me to work it out by myself, so if someone could help me out id appreciate it
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Hi Brandon.  The thing to realize with anxiety is that it is a medical condition. You are not crazy and it's not your fault.  People suffer with anxiety in varying degrees and for a variety of reasons.  Everyone gets 'anxious' at times in their lives, it's natural.  Anxiety disorder is different, it's much more severe then just getting 'nervous' and impacts our bodies in many different ways.  You are experiencing some of the very common physical effects that anxiety causes.  Most of us here on the forum know these symptoms very well.  Eventually it starts to interfere with our thought processes as well as our self esteem.
My problems with anxiety started when I was around the 7th grade too.  I didn't want my parents to know I wasn't well because I thought it would devestate them.  But I urge you to tell your parents that you need to see a doctor.   Get a good physical exam and discuss what you wrote here with the doctor.  In fact you should print out your post and the answers you recieve to bring with you.  The earlier you get help for this the easier it will be for you and you will be so much better off for it for the rest of your life.  Suffering alone with anxiety will have a negative impact on you throughout your life and it's totally unnecessaary.  There is good help available and I'm sure your parents only want the best for you.  Don't be afraid to ask for it..
Let us know if we can help you in any way.
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Brandon, since you are in discomfort but still able to function, try cognitive therapy before resorting to medications.  Have an honest sit down with your parents.  Agree with them that you do believe that everyone has anxiety to some degree.  Then explain to them what is happening to you.  I think they will find that it is different then their own experiences.  Then, understand that the cause of your anxiety are your thoughts and the way you relate to and perceive the world. Tell you parents that your thoughts are getting obsessive and out of control.  Then do some research on cognitive therapy.  Explain to your parents what it is (if you are comfortable with it) and ask them to help you find a reputable place.  Tell them that you want to try everything you can to help yourself and will only consider drugs as a last resort.  I think your parents may be comfortable with this.  I also think that they need to talk to someone about your anxiety so that they can learn to empathize with you.  They need help getting out of the denial stage, that in their minds there is nothing wrong.  It is what it is Brandon.  Handle you parents in a respectful way and be totally honest with them.  In the end, they want what is best for you. It is not easy, but you can do it.  
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i really appreaciate the facts that you shared with me, and ive told my mom about me having these problems and she said its normal and i shouldnt worry so much about it,ive tried that but it just comes back,so i think when she gets home from work ill tell her to make an appointment for me or something,would i have to stay in an institute for a while if i do have something wrong with me?and i heard the medication have side effects that i wouldnt want,but i really appreciate this for helping me out,thank you
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i just started crying because i realized how much people really do care and are here for my help,in last conclusion,do you guys think i should tell my parents that i need help?because i dont want to look crazy and i dont want to be mentally ill but if its for the best ill try anything to get rid of this,i just want to think the way i use to think, i use to be happy about 6 days ago and then it popped back up,thank you guys for being there for me i really appreciate it
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No you wouldn't have to stay in an institute at all.  What you want to start off with in seeing a doctor is to check to see if you have a physical problem that may be causing your symptoms.
There are a number of ailments (thyroid, diabetes, etc.) that produce symptoms that are similar to anxiety disorder and they should be ruled out.  Once they are ruled out then anxiety disorder can be considered.  Medications are a last resort at your age and there are a number of treatments available as mentioned above.  Side effects from medications are mostly minor and subside in a short time for most people.  Some do have bad problems with them and simply can't tolerate them very well, everyone is different.  Cross that bridge when you get to it, it may never happen.  
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We're here for you Brandon.  We have been thru this and know what it's like.
Yes tell your parents by all means.  Show them the posts here so they too know what we have to say, those of us who do have anxiety disorder. You are NOT CRAZY and tho some may differ, neither am I.  
You don't even know yet that you have anxiety disorder.  You may have a thryroid condition, diabetes, who knows until you get checked out.  So see your doctor and let him guide you and your parents to the right course of action.
Don't worry, be happy!    :-)
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thank you again,but ive been to the doctor plenty of times and they say im healthy,so im thinking that i just got diagnosed to it or im just worrying too much,but thanks for the positive feedbacks i really appreciate it
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and it makes sense considering the fact about the thyroid condition,sense my mom has thryoid conditions and takes pills for it,so you saying my anxiety might come from thryoid? how come?
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"Hypothyroidism is most typically associated with depression, while hyperthyroidism is more commonly associated with anxiety or panic attacks"

With your mother having thyroid problems it can be inherited, therefore specific blood tests are needed to check thyroid hormone levels.
The body's hormones can effect your mood and nervous system and thyroid hormones are one of them.
Have your parents call your doctor and see if these tests were done on you.  
Does your doctor know of the symptoms you mention here?  If so, what did he/she say?
Have your parents ask the doctor for a referral to a therapist or psychiatrist.
It is unnecessary for you to have to suffer with anxiety and go untreated.  It'll cause you far more harm being left untreated and can impair your life.   You don't have anything more to fear from anxiety disorder then thyroid disorder.  Both are illnesses that need treatment and if they are left untreated will probaly bring you more serious problems down the road.
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