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hello i'm 24 male from india. i'm suffering a lot from anxiety. i'm not able to sleep and not interesting to eat. what should i do? what is better to do? should i go to psychologist or it is better to go neurologist? bcoz my nervous are pulling. anyone can help me!
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See your family doctor and have them run all tests that could be related to the symptoms you are having and reasons for not eating or sleeping. If they all come back ok then have him refer you to a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. In the meantime try to meditate, find relaxing music, try yoga, anything you can do to calm down and try and sleep. If you are having troubles eating please see someone soon, very soon and find a nutritional supplement drink to atleast maintain calories etc. Good Luck and please keep us updated
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ok. just now i discussed with my parents. i'll move from here to doctor now. pls pray for me god. i know i don't have any disease but my mind is not listening my words. anyway i'll follow ur advice.
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I am very glad you have talked to your parents about it. Good luck and I will be thinking of you.
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oops. due to sunday i not able to go to doctor. i'm going tomorrow. thanks for thinking about me. may i know how did u came here? what was ur problem? just asking to reduce my anxiety. have a niceday.
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My Anxiety started when I was 14. I lived with only my father as my parents had separated. My dad had heart problems from an early age I believe it started in his 30's. He was quite sick. He couldnt walk from the car to the store with out needed to take nitro for chest pains and breathing. He died when he was 40 and I was 14. After I had returned to school after his funeral I was sitting in class and had my first panic attack. It was horrible. My mom actually gave me a drink and said it would relax me. I tried to go back to school and each time I would have an attack. Then I started having them all the time. I was terrified I was dying and nobody was doing anything about it. My mom got mad all the time and said it was in my head or would let me drink. When I would go to the ER that rare time my mom would take me they would give me a gravol, tell me the chest pains etc were in my bed and send me home. My mom kicked me out when I was almost 16. I had nowhere to go. I slept in a post office at night as it was the only building open to the public to access their PO boxes. Eventually I got on welfare and got my own place. I was tired, alone, scared and the anxiety had completely taken over. I developed agoraphobia. I also use to pull my hair out while having attacks as it was something that soothed me. I was on lots of different meds etc but doctors would not offer therapy. I got pregnant at 19 and had to come off xanax and most of my meds. But when I got pregnant, my anxiety seemed to calm down. I had started Paxil and it seemed to work and FINALLY the doctors got me cunseling. Everything was great until my boyfriend(father of my child) started drinking heavily and became abusive so I left when my daughter was 13 mnths old. My anxiety was still in check. I got a couple of jobs and things were really good. When she was 3 I was dumb enough to move back in with her dad as he claimed he was sober etc. He wasnt. My anxiety came back and he made fun of me and called me crazy all the time. I left again. That is when my health anxiety took hold. I was sure I was having a heart attack, I had chest pains, trouble breathing, and so many other issues. I also was diagnosed with OCD. I asked my doctor to see someone but I was not considered bad enough to be seen. You had to be schizo or bi-polar etc in order to be seen. They just gave me more meds. I fought with it for years. I had two more children with very scary experiences involving my blood pressure and tachycardia and it made everything so much worse. I became obsessed with taking my blood pressure. I took it upwards of a hundred times a day. I was at the hospital almost daily sure I was dying. Still no counseling available. So I saved my money and paid for a psychologist. They helped but at the same time I found discussing my problems would make me feel worse when I left. I checked myself into a hospital 2 hours from my home to seek help. I learned a few things but was released very quickly. I had a few surgeries over the years and after each one my health anxiety would go insane and I would be at the hospital every day. I was missing out on so much and couldnt work. I became depressed as well. Finally my doctor seemed to get me on a good mix of meds and I started to feel better. During that time I decided to exercise and learn to meditate and read up on anxiety, mindfulness and more. I slowly started to feel alot better, the attacks became less and less. I had a surgery in March and in October of last year and that made my anxiety get bad afterwards. But eventually I would feel better once I could get back to exercising etc. I started a job and was working with my husband and oldest daughter(summer time) I was doing awesome. No attacks!!!! Then this Christmas a few weeks before my husband and I both got laid off. With three kids and no money for Christmas, bills, food or anything I started to get anxious again. But this time I was able to get a handle on things and could keep the actual attacks at bay. My husband finally starts a job next week and I start one in March. I had bad anxiety yesterday for the first time in a long time but I was still able to get a hold of it. I have come to realize how to handle them and it is the best thing ever. I am not free of anxiety but I am in charge.  So I came here in hopes of being able to help others and also seek help when I think I may need the support.
I hope that helps! I typed probably more than you wanted and I am sorry for that!!!!
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you are really great dear. u had many problems. to compare with you, my problem is very less. but me too having anxiety. i had sex with my girlfriend only one time(she only forced me) four months back. that was first in my life. basically our states are different. i found her in facebook. we used to talk everyday many times. so after i met her i felt i did wrong. because she was married with another. i didn't think she is bad. two months ago when i'm searching for a song, accidently i saw about hiv. after that i started to read about hiv and hiv articles. i know she has not hiv. but due to my anxious i couldn't control my self. i used to feel i have hiv. so one day i went to lab and get tested for hiv. its came negative. i didn't stop testing. till now i tested four times. all reports came negative. but i'm worrying everything like hair trimmer and another things. i feel i might affect with that. now i'm not able to sleep. not interest on food.
     i'm from india. my engilsh is not well. excuse me if any mistakes.

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i know u hate me. me too hating me. have a niceday.
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No not at all, why would I hate you. Please dont think that way.
Never feel that you are not good enough. Your problems are just as important as anyone else's and you deserve help as much as any of us. I am sorry that you were forced by your girlfriend I am sure that was very hard and its no wonder that you developed anxiety and fear from that. The good thing is that you have tested negative and do not have to worry about HIV
Were you able to make a doctors appt? I hope so, I hope you can get in and talk to them so you can get the help you need to start to feel better. You deserve to live a happy healthy life. Please keep me in touch with how you are doing..
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Thank you very much. i came to know she don't have hiv. but 20days ago my barber cut my neck with triimmer. its very little cut. i felt i've infected. anyway tomorrow i'm going to get test. but i'm worrying about result. my anxiety is not let me sleep. my future is depending on the result.
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hi. how r u doing. u didn't reply me. now only i'm little recovering from anxiety. i want to intimate you everything my mood. hav a greatday.
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Hi there
Your barber would have to ensure that the razors were fully sanitized. Its a law and I cant see him be willing to take any chances at all. You are ok, and I am positive did not acquire HIV from that cut. You need to get to a doctor and talk about your health anxieties instead of getting so many HIV tests. They will be able to give you ideas etc to help.
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yup. my barber will always change blades. i was paranoid. now i'm felling better. doctors also told me don't take any tests.

are you positive??? how u get? i can't believe.
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