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Hello My name is Sabeli And i was diagnosed with anxiety attacks. Well ive been takeing zoloft for quiet a while but i lefted to see if i could live without medicin i felt good but then after 4 months i havent been feeling good I always feel like im lightheadiness or if not i feel like im not fuction in right the more i think about me not been able to do any thing the worse it gets i have night rushes and when i wake up i feel that my muscles are tied and I always think about me having something in my head or something that doesnt let me function and its takeing a toll on my kids myself and everybody that surronds me and i always have to wear a head band to think that if i have preassure or something its becouse i have the head band what can you tell me I really need help
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I personally suffer from G.A.D.(Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and Social Phobia and panic attacks.  I did the same thing, and it was a mistake.....I believe you should go back to the doctor and see what they say.  It may be helpful to try taking the meds at a lower dose than before and/or trying a different medication. :) but I'm no doctor (: good luck dear
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It sounds like you need to go back to your doctor and discuss this with him.  You may need to go back on the Zoloft, but it's best to discuss this with your doctor.
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