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To: everyone
I am feeling the exact same way of all of yous. I am a 17 year old female in Grade 12, about to graduate this year. I started getting these feelings in grade 11- around the end of the year. I felt as if my confidence had completely been wiped out. I used to be an outgoing person, I loved to be outside, I loved to do things with my friends, and family. I loved to be around people. I feel these feelings started after I was kicked out of my house. I had moved in with some friends and my boyfriend. I felt depressed for a little while after that; I then felt like uneasyness around other people. I thought maybe it was just because I was around people I didnt really know, or thought were familiar. I feel its been getting worse---over moderation. It comes for a little while, then dies off... and I feel normal, but I somehow I think of that feeling again, and I know its lurking.. and it will be back. I feel uneasy around people, I cant look some people in the eyes; for a long time, its even hard sometimes for a short amount of time. I feel so judged by other people, and Its like im scared what people think of me, or what they say. I twitch sometimes, I feel really uneasy when people look at me, or stare at me. I also get shakes sometimes, I feel "cold".  I walk around a feel a skip in my steps, and I feel like my legs arent a part of me. I just feel so awkward and out of place, I don't know what to do; I know I should go to the doctor---- but please someone tell me what I should say or do? can anyone answer me please. I know for a fact that I am not crazy. I need some hope. the only person I can feel normal around is my boyfriend, but lately I have been getting the feelings AROUND HIM! AND I hate it, because right now I feel he is all I have..
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Hi there
I once felt exactly as you do. I saw a psychiatrist and he suggested I had a slight social phobia and some generalised anxiety. A small amount of valium worked until lexapro (an antidepressant) kicked in and then i began to feel normal again quickly. If it's acute and you feel not quite right, go to your doctor and ask for some antianxiety meds, a very low dose that you should never use for a month, and never use it if you are drinking alcohol. You may be better to skip the vlium altogether and try an antidepressant...i know lexapro is well tolerated. Good luck, keep in touch! things really do get better. Warning - valium etc should only by taken very short term - believe me, i have been to H3LL and back for not stopping at that! you can get thru it :)
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Oh, i forgot to mentio, that some of the pyhsical problems i felt around others, like you desribed, could be a mild panic disorder, which the psych thought i had too, as well as slight social & slight general anxiety. It was a pretty stressful time of my life too. Know how you feel :)
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thank you so much! I have been feeling so much better. I find it's your thoughts that count- good or bad. Thinking positive makes everything feel better. I had watched and read "the secret" I suggest you should watch it too, I know it had helped for everything-- in every way. Trust me it sounds funny but this really works. I suggest you watch this :-) I thank you again, Wendles. :3 http://consciousflex.blogspot.ca/2008/01/secret-full-movie-aka-law-of-attraction.html
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