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So it happened 3 years ago when i was driving to my bf moms house to drop off our daugther i turned the corner and my palms we sweaty and my heart started racing .... i thought i was dieing for sure i was so scared .. so i made it to my bf moms house.. and i told her to take me to the er but she said relax lay down so i did.. my heart was beating irregular and everything and i also seen eyes floaters still till this day i do they bug me but ilearn to ignore them... ever sense then im so nervos i cant even get a job i worry about every little thing like oh what was that pain am i having a heart attack or a tumor im going insane for sure i want to be normal!!!!! they gave me prozac but im scared to even take any meds!!!! would love to take to some that has the same issues
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First of all u need to tell yourself your not going to die. It sounds like u have some anxiety issues, what u need to do is to find out why. R u stress about anything. Get a full check up to make sure there is nothing wrong. But is sounds like anxiety to me. Trust me your going to be ok
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I have exactly the same problem! im currently working but i struggle to get along with people as i always think theyre against me! ive been offered tablets but i turned them down i wanna get better on my own but not sure how too.. I hear yoga is good?
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Both of you fit the description of people suffering from Anxiety. Anxiety and depression often appear together, but this isn't always the case. Both of them require different treatment and medication to combat symptoms.

        The treatment for anxiety always starts with a medical exam with your doctor to rule out heart or other physical trouble. Once that is ruled out, a visit with a mental health professional with anxiety experience is scheduled. Some doctors will want to throw medication at you- you need to decide what you want out of treatment at this point. Medication is meant to help you get to a receptive state if you're not yet ready for therapy. It can also be used to control your symptoms, but it doesn't cure the problem. Psychotherapy (talking things out), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (controlling your spontaneous thoughts), and stress management techniques are available- you can pick and choose what you want to try, based on experimentation... basically whatever works for you.  All of these, however, require the experience and guidance of a professional.  It's a pretty easy and very helpful process. Success is based on how hard you work at it.

       PippaAdora's question about yoga is a good one, and there's some truth to yoga being helpful to some people. Exercise is the universal first treatment for anxiety- it's helpful in 100% of cases! It's not a cure, but it' an essential step.  I started with a 30 minute walk every day. Anything is good, so long as you're consistent.  Exercise works in two ways- the actual physical conditioning changes your biochemistry, dumping helpful things like endorphins into your system. It also provides mental clarity- taking time for yourself, to think, or not think, while your body is working, gives your subconscious time to shake hands with your conscious mind, and you get to the point where you look forward to the exercise in just a short while.

   Nelly, get yourself to a doctor ASAP, and tell your doc that you've been having anxiety issues, and want to rule out physical causes, and would like to speak with an anxiety specialist if there's nothing physically wrong with you.  This lets the doc know that you're serious about improving your health, and also that you're not a hypochondriac.  

PippaAdora, I refused medication, too, when I first started. I felt OK, just anxious and panicky, so I wanted to fix the problem rather than mask it. Because I was functional in my life but simply not happy with it, I went into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and exercised a lot. No big deal in getting the help I needed, and I feel so much better now. I hope you'll make the next step and do the same!
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