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i've got trough a lot of illness,same as many posted here. For almost 12 years....anxiety is the most difficult to deal with..i been taking rivotril the day started the symptoms now some of the symptoms are gone,but the problem is how to stop taking that kind of medicine i know i been addicted....if anyone who can give an advice how to stop or at least minimize in the taking such med.as of now 0.5mg. a day my daily dossage......
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Its hard to stop taking mediciations and I would only do so under your doctors advise. They can give you tips and tricks and what to look out for.

I take zoloft and when my doctor lowers my dose we do so in small amounts. I will cut the pills in half and stay on the lower dose for a week before lowering again.   Just as when you need to increase doses, it should be done in very small amounts.
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