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Taking 225mg effexor daily but now getting brain zaps please help
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225mg of effexor way too much for anyone to take twice a day. I suggest you seek another doctor and a second opinion.    .
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I also take a total of 225mg a day. Which is 75mg 3x a day. I would not take them on time and start getting brain z
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zaps. So I had to adjust it where I took 1.5 pills, 2x a day. I jyst bite ir in half. I take 1.5 pills at night and 1.5 pills before bed. This works for me. Also, 225 a day is not too much. I have been on this dosage for many years.
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So, you take 225 mg once daily?  How long have you been on the Effexor?  Has there been any changes made to your dose lately?  Any change in the manufacturer (ie..generic vs brand?), did you miss any doses?

More information would be helpful.

Phig....the OP's dose isn't abnormal or too much at all.  FYI.
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If you're just taking one dose a day, you'll want to split the dose into two times a day -- most of these snris and ssris only stay in the body a matter of hours, and for some people they will wear off before their next dose and put them into withdrawal.  Splitting the dose into two parts can prevent this.
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