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Where in chicago could I get help or medications for anxiety and severe panic disorders?
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I don't know exactly where you live..in Chicago, suburbs of Chicago or what...but if you have insurance with a mental health program, just call them and ask them for someone that specializes in that area.  If you are Christian, there is a great place in Wheaton called The Meyer Clinic.  There are other Meyer Clinics in other suburbs too...go online.  You should first see a psychiatrist to get on the meds. if that is what you want to do.  Then, talk with a psychologist or social worker that specializes in anxiety/panic disorders...making sure that you ask about Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  I have been on effexor XR for my panic attacks for 6 years, and can honestly say that I may have them only about 2x a year now...and they are just passing.  I am sure the meds. help, but I also have learned not to fear the symptoms as much, so it takes a lot of the fear of having the attack away.  There is a great book you could read called HOPE AND HELP FOR YOUR NERVES by Claire Weekes.  Also...there is a new therapy, don't know too much about it..but I guess many people swear by it..it is Joe Barry's PANIC AWAY progream, which is downloaded off his website.  Good Luck!
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