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Has any felt unbalance like the floor was moving underneth when it wasnt? stay still and feel like the
floor is moving. Wow I get lightheadness too. My doctors say its anxiety but i dont believe him. I been
though every test. I always feel on the edge.
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If you're not going to believe your doctor, why go? So, he has given you "every" test, but what is he DOING for your anxiety? Are you on any meds? Are you in therapy? Does he just simply tell you that you have anxiety and then walk out the door? That is VERY poor medicine. I personally would look for a different doctor. Your's sounds like a moron.
The floor moving is a very common side effect of anxiety. I can't explain why it happens, obviously something askew in our heads, but I know the feeling and it *****. Your doc is just putting it down to anxiety........which I hate to say is probably pretty accurate, But if he is doing nothing to help you with your anxiety................run away!
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If your doctor decides to give you something to help with anxiety please remember that if you start taking something you will eventually have to quit.  Withdrawals can be horrible if not done properly.  

If your doc decides to give you Benzos like Klonopin, Xanax or Valium do not take these for over 2 weeks.  Your body will develop a tollerance and require more of the drug to feel normal..this is when you get into trouble.

I took Xanax for over a year.  One morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and noticed I was not the person I once was.  I work out every morning and at my peak was at 200lbs with 4% body fat.  I'm not trying to toot my own horn but..."toot toot."

I had lost all muscle mass, I had lost 15lbs, bags under my eyes, my anxiety was worse than ever, I was not sleeping and I was beginning to have an anger problem.  PLEASE listen to my advice and dont take these things longer than two weeks.

Doctors have a bad habit of NOT telling people of the possible drug side effects as well as the HORRIBLE withdrawals that will happen.  Good luck.
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Sounds like anxiety symptoms to me. Floor moving, walking on a boat, feeling like being pushed from behind, floor dropping an inch suddenly.. I've had all this, I didn't believe the doctors either.

I went on Celexa, after a month symptoms were gone, however, you have to also fix yourself mentally. I bet you think about it all day ? Think about " when I get up, I bet I'll feel dizzy ?", if so these thoughts need to be put aside. I'm about 98% sure, you don't have a terminal illness :). Cause that's what I swore I had. I just thought to myself, that I wouldn't do this to myself anymore, the doctors are usually right. If they had a hunch that something was wrong, they would seem to take it more seriously.

Take care of yourself.

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i get that all the time and i have bad anxiety
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Thanx for the information everyone. I always had bad anxiety all my life and wish it would magically disappear. I let take a hold of my life and it stop me from doing the simple things in life, work, visiting friends and family. The doctors have told me over and over  its anxiety and calm down. But when you cant breathe or feel edge its hard to settle down just like that. Some days  I feel good then bang its back like its be stalking me. I do hate pills because I'm afraid of being addictive to crazapam or other pills. I guess the pills will win in the end and i will have to take them as much as it upsets me.
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hi .. i hope this thread is still being looked at.. well i have the same symptoms... but did you ever feel things vibrating when you look at them and then you feel like theres an earthquake when you walk or sit or even stand still? i have that feeling all the time... i am 20 years old and i don't know what to do with my life!!! when i close my eyes i feel like everything is spinning.. when i wake up each morning everything is the same.. things are just shaking when i look at them and the ground and the surroundings shake when i walk..i hate it!!when i walk it feels like my surroundings are shaking uncontrollably ... i had some spells of vertigo before but mild ones.. now i have this and its been almost an year i am having this.. i hope i fond someone who has my symptoms.. =(
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C...it sounds like you may have an inner ear problem (deals with balance).  Any pain in your ears?

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Yep, I get it and my Mom another lifelong PA'er always talks about feeling like she is on a boat or a walking sidewalk. Its just part of Panic Disorder.
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I have the sensation from time to time my self, very scary, like an earth quake is about to happen. Anxiety? Or a Neuro condition? Possible Vitamin B12 defiency, take some sublingual and see if it helps.
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I had the same symptoms. Found out I had a deficiency in vitamin D , magnesium , and B complex. Hope this helps
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Yes I had a B complex deficiency
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I had the same symptoms. Found out I had a vitamin deficiency. Specially D , magnesium and B complex. Took awhile to correct it
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