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i'm fifteen and suffer from an anxiety disorder. i've told nobody and i just want it to go away naturally. will it
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there is all kinds of ways to deal with anxiety. people i know, it has never just went away.  therapists say that there is a surpressed problem that will make anxiety come out.  i have to take medication to controll mine. now there are some people that take herbs or vitimins to help control it. also therapists can teach you different techniqes to deal with it. first step is to maybe talk to your mom or dad or another close family member that u feel comfortable with. keeping all of it to your self just makes it worse. what are your symptoms?

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Whoa. The chances are it will go away. I don't buy the arguement about "suppressed problems" either.

Life is full of stressors, especially when you're fifteen and have so little control over so many aspects of your life. There are a lot of missing pieces to your story.

You should find someone to talk to. Easier said than done.

Life can be hard sometimes. The pressure of friends, the pressure to make good grades, the emotional upheavals that go with boy-girl relationships.

The trouble with psychiatrists is they always reach for the pill bottle. And therapists reach into their little black bag for their personal "how to get well" therapy sessions.

It's going to get better. Trust me. Forty years from now you'll look back and wonder how you could have gotten so upset over so little.

Exercise, sunlight, religion, hobbies, and a healthy social life are magical cures.

You are a valuable person with lots to offer the world.

The anxiety will pass, and life will improve.
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When I was around your age, I had a breakdown with anxiety too, and told NO ONE, I started to get the usual symtoms, and thinking I had every disease out there, and the whole brain tumor thing.
Then one night, I prayed to God, and asked him to either let the "disease" kill me that night so I wouldnt have to suffer, or take it away.
I woke up about 3 hours later, and my breaths fealt wierd, almost like it was more pure "hard to explain"
But it scared me, and I thought I was dieing, I freaked out for about...2 minutes, then finally excepted that I was going to die, and fealt very calm about it....strangely calm.

I passed out.......like a lightbuld being shattered.
I then woke up the next morning and it was all gone....ALL OF IT:)
I tend to believe it was a combination of me not fearing IT anymore, and God healing me.
Or maybe God helping me not fear it anymore, in order to heal me.
I think I big step in fighting anxiety "exspecialy 24/7 anxiety" is to loose your fear.
this last bout that I went throu I broke down and went to the DR's and I think all the anti depressants actually made me worse......So I would try to loose the fear first before you go to a Physc doc, or a regualr Doc because that will be the first thing they try to give you.
Good Luck and God bless, Ill pray for you:)
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