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on about wedsnday i had kinda like a pulled muscle type feeling on both sides of my stomach across from my belly button and that continued, and i figured it was pulled muscles cuz me and my boyfriend were wrestling.
but now, i have cramps where my period cramps are withmy anxiety i thikn that its only on the right side.
but isnt that too low to be my appendix?
im scared to death im gunna get appendicitis or i already have it and i dont know !
my sister had it when she was 7.
i dont have a fever, i can still eat (when im not anxious cuz when i am i lose my appitite) i havent had diahhria or vomited.
its been like 3 days, woulnt somethingn have happened already?
then i kinda get like popping pains, or like sharp pains then i pass gas and it goes away.
i am due for my period soon, and i have IBS.
please tell me this isnt appendicitis?
how rare is it? like what are the odds of me getting it in a lifetime?
im 18, a women and im around 140 pounds.
good health. take anti depressants but thats pretty much it.
the pain isnt severe, its just really dull and just there. like im not crying in pain or anything.

heres a picture of where the pain is.
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Well, according to your picture, yes, it's way too low for appendicitis. I've had appendicitis and the symptoms are not what you're describing. I had pain and tenderness but the biggest symptom I had was nausea. I couldn't keep even a cracker down, so I knew something was up. I was shivering and sick and in pain. The pain and sickness got so bad it was actually a relief for them to finally knock me out and take it out.
I don't understand why you're so afraid of appendicitis? Why be afraid of something that you probably never will get? Even if you got it, it's such a routine surgery anymore that it wouldn't be that big of a deal to take it out. But chances are, you're never going to get it. I think you're just going to wind up making yourself sick with worry.
The symptoms you're describing does sound more like IBS or gastro related. Don't forget, stress can do a number on your digestive system, so try to let stuff go and not worry about something that probably will never happen. Stress in itself can do a number on you. Please rest assured, you are not experiencing appendicitis. I'm positive of that. You may want to see a gastroenterologist about your IBS and digestive problems, though. They may be able to give you some medication that might ease some of your symptoms and give you some relief.

It's possible you did pull some muscles, too, from the wrestling. The only cure for that, really, is rest and time. Taking an anti-inflammatory, like Motrin might help, too. I hope you feel better soon! :)
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