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What works better for GAD, klonopin or lexapro?
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The 2 are totally different drugs though.
Klonopin is a benzodiazapine, Laxapro is a SNRI
Benzos are VERY addicting, and "they' say SNRIs"SSRIs etc.." are not, which is a bunch of ****.
Thats why they now have a name for a person that is quitting a snri, ssri
Discontinuation syndrome.

If your going to be hooked on something, might as well make it something that works
Klonopin was the only thing that worked on me.............
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Lexapro is an ssri, not an snri.  I would try therapy first, but if Lexapro works, it will work all the time.  Benzos only work while they're in your system.  Klonopin is long-lasting compared to other benzos, and is specific for anxiety.  Lexapro targets serotonin receptors, so is for depression and anxiety.  Most serious anxiety sufferers end up on both.  Ssri's aren't addictive because you don't need more for it to keep working, but as jake says, quitting can be hard, though benzos are probably overall more dangerous to quit.  If you need them, go for it, but if you don't, if you're still functioning well, try therapy first and gentler remedies such as natural remedies before turning to strong medication.  
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SSRI....SNRI... close enough, lol
There all the same in my oppinion
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I also have a bad heart and i have a defribulator, arrythmia. I am scared to take lexapro cause it says it can cause rapid and irregular heart beats, i don't want my defribulater to shock me again, That is what caused my anxiety.
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