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anxiety...hearing loss...different symptoms

hi, i have been suffering with anxiety for 5 months now....i have been going through different symptoms every single day....it drives me crazy....every time i feel a symptom, i get nervous and always thinks its a really bad condition...i have been to the doctor, 3 times....ive been checked for everything and everything came out normal...ive been having really bad headaches...every day...that feels like a burning sensation, sometimes it feels like water dripping from my head when there isnt any...uptight chest sometimes ..some could be related because i also have acid reflux to...but, sometimes out of nowhere i shake really badly, i remember oneday i was sitting still and i seen my body rock a little by itself  without me doing it, sometimes i have trouble breathing, i have head tremors, my head sometimes it feels like it has a cold or warm feeling over it...i get really lightheaded sometimes, i felt like i was going to faint before while having a attack, sometimes i just get lightheaded and feel like im going to faint, sometimes my head gets real uptight, i have had tension in my face that annoyed me...and other symptoms. Right now i feel like my left ear feels like sonething is stuck in it, and reduced hearing. and the left side of my face feel weird .can the reduced hearing in the ear go away? could i go completely deaf from it? i feel like with anxiety i never really get a break, and it sometimes make me feel really moody along with going through alot of symptoms...can anyone please give me advice, about what im going through and also the hearing loss in ear thing? it would really help,
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I am in the same boat as you.  All kinds of crazy symptoms going on with me.  I know how frustrating and scary it is.  I cant tell you how many diseases i have "diagnosed" myself with hahahaha.  Go to the doctors, get checked out and make sure there is no physiological reason for your symptoms.  It sounds to me like it is anxiety but I am no doctor.  I recommend the following reads, they helped me a ton:  Hope and Healing for Your Nerves and the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook.  I could not believe that everything I felt was caused by anxiety but I saw myself in these books.
Hope this helps some.

God Bless
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You've been to the doctor three times. What diagnosis were you given for all these symptoms? If you were told it was all anxiety, are you being treated for it? Did the doctor  recommend seeing a therapist to help determine the cause of your anxiety?
You say you have been having "really bad headaches, everyday," and that you also, at times, suffer with lightheadedness. While both these conditions could be attributed to anxiety, in my humble and non-medical opinion, I think he should have referred you to a neurologist. I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but it's far better to be safe than sorry. Too many doctors are too busy to really delve into a patients list of symptoms.......anxiety has become the #1 catch-all disorder.
I would recommend you get a second opinion and if anxiety is once again the dx, then therapy needs to be an adjunct treatment.
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Hi Icyhot,
I read on an earlier post that you had many of the symptoms i have. 24/7 light headed, numbness in face, arms go numb while sleeping, chest pain. Can you update me on what you have experienced with the doctors? I would greatly appreciate it! thank you!
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Hey guys, i have been to the doctor 25 times in the last few weeks...literally and this came out of no where when i stopped taking narcotic pain medicine i was on for 6 years...i have never had anxiety like this ever so i am contributing it to my pill use...i am having every single one of your symptoms and i am not a doctor but i can assure you that it is anxiety...I have been going through this for almost three weeks...slowed down on the pills a few weeks ago and then this started after a panic attack...too much stress i tell ya...have you been under stress...lost anyone close to you..I just lost my Dad and ex-mother in law within the last two months and i just lost it...especially my Dad...they say that traumatic events can really effect some people...you guys are all experiencing anxiety...especially if it comes and goes away all the time...see a doc just in case...God Bless you all
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Ok, there are pre panic tips and full panic tips.

Let's start with the pre panic tips.

A rubber band around the wrist can help if you use it before the anxiety turns into an anxiety attack. As soon as you start to feel weird you snap the rubber band onto your wrist. For some people, this can "snap" (pun intended) them out of going into the anxiety or panic attack.

When you start to feel the anxiety coming on, think of the most odd thoughts you possibly can. Wonder what a star would look like if it were really a circle in disquise.......how many cattapilars would it take to reach from the earth to saturn if they were drinking caffine. Distracting your thoughts with such bizaare thinking will redirect your mind from getting worse.

Sit down on a bench or chair, put your head between your legs, and force yourself to breathe in deeply, and breathe out deeply. It's when the breathing gets to short and quick that the panic gets worse. At first you might feel like you  can't do it, but with practice, you can.

If you wear correctional glasses, take them off. For some reason sight plays into some peoples anxiety problems.

Ok, now for when you are in an actual panic attack.

Cold water on the face, forehead, neck, and wrists can help calm the anxiety or panic down. If it's cold enough, it's kind of like shocking you out of the attack.

To add to the cold water technique, if you are in full blown panic attack, find ice as soon as you can, put it into some kind of rag or cloth, wet it, and rub it all over your head, face, neck, and behind your ears. Again, the cold shocks the mind out of the anxiety.

Here are some tips to prevent the anxiety and or panic attacks.

Stay away from caffine, as a rule, it is the MAIN reason people suffer from anxiety disorder and panic disorder.

Surround yourself with comedy whenever you start to feel off. Laughter is another technique that can fool the brain into concentrating somewhere else.

Keep a herbal tea you made handy when you are out and about. If you want, as long as you make sure it is safe for you, I will send you some "calm down" recipies that are 100% natural and legal.
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    I just post today the same kind of message about hearing loss on the left side.

Since 3 days my tinnitus on the left ear is very strong and I have a hearing loss of about 50-70%. only in my left ear.. I can't even listen to music or the TV cause it's sound very bad and hurt my ear... even if someone walk in the house, the sound is very loud...and I think it's anxiety since I have no flu, cold or sinus problem. Anxiety is very powerful, but I can't stop google about my symptoms and start thinking I have 100000 diseases. I always had low tinnitus in my 2 ears... but always notice them only when I was in a quiet room... sleep with a fan help to reduce the noise in the ears...that's seem that anxiety make me worry about them right now and I start focusing on that new symptoms... the hearing loss is new... Since I also experience pulsating headache on the left side of my head since 1 week, I link it to the tinnitus and hearing loss and think it's related to my heart and poor blood circulation and blood clots...

Like you, I saw a lot of Docs in 2010... Cardiologists (2 differents), had stress test with echography of my heart, 24 hours holter monitor, at least 10 ECG for my heart, I saw a Neurologist, saw my Psychiatrist each month, had 3 different Therapists and just get a new one for 2011 and saw my Family Doc at least 6 times... Had a MRI for my head, several blood work, x-ray of my lungs... all the test was negative... so it's anxiety related... Only 2 minor things return positive for the tests I done, I have a low cortisol level in the morning, who can lead to more adrenaline release from the adrenal glands and can increase the panic (fight or flight)... and I apparently have a mitral valve prolaspe, who is a very common heart disease... but have to talk about it to the Cardiologist, since I learn it from my Family Doc and not my cardiologist... so I want to know what is the mitral valve prolaspe and the kind of side-effects on the heart it can have...

I also need to talk with the Cardiologist cause my blood pressure is weak since 1 month, a lot of hypotension orthostatic and hypotension in general followed by higher blood pressure episode with facial flushing and red ears... The hypotension orthostatic trigger more panic, and it's worse especially when I get up or climb the stairs, who worse the lighthead feeling and the dizziness... my pulse rate is not regular, can be as slow as 50 pulses/minute or 180 and more... In a car, as a passenger, cause I don't drive anymore, the pulse rate can be as fast as 200 and I do panic attack all the time... but even when my anxiety is at the minimum level, normally in the morning, , my heartbeat is very weak, if I take it on my wrist, I can feel a lot of skipped heart beats and a big variation of the pulse rate (will have 4 fast heart beats in a row and a long pause of 2 seconds without a pulse and then another 3-4 fast pulse rate...)... Also, the numbness in my left arm and hand is worse than ever, I have also a pain on the big artiries on my left side of my wreck... So I need to speak to him and maybe have other heart tests like nuclear images...

What make me very anxious is that everything happen on my left side of my body, the left arm numb as well as the left hand who is numbmost of the time and can't tolerate the cold on that hand... the left hand don't feel like that... Also have legs pain, lower legs pain...to cold temperature. The chest pain on the life side who is now 24 h every day, the chronic headache who start last summer with a kind of annoying pain all over my head, numbness of the scalp of my head and now it's only headache on the left side of my head, with pulsating veins on my left temple all the time. I have once in a while the numbness on the scalp of my head, but not often like in the past. I also deal with episode of extreme panic without any trigger  who last 2-3 hours, they happen most of the time in the evening (fast pulse rate of 180 and more chest pain). My right hand is very red and clammy, before the left hand was also like that but since 2-3 weeks, my left hand is all the time cold and white... my feet are also clammy most of the time, my left eye start doing some mysterious thing since the pulsating veins on my left templs side of my head start... so the left eye have red veins and it's burn a lot. I have all the time pain in my jaw, neck, all my teeth hurt, i'm often dizzy and all the time lighthead... and the list goes on... It's like that since November 2009... At the begining, it was not worse like today, I was able to drive and go out of the house... had a lot pf panic while I had to drive and had very bad headache when I had to go in a public place like a bar or shopping center....  but the symptoms got worse last winter and turn out very bad last summer and I had to stop driving my car...

Now, I feel all the time in a panic mood and think that I will die from a heart attack all the time also. Before last summer, I was feeling ok at home, had some minor panic attacks in my shower but was almost symptoms free at home... I had sometimes the headache at daytime and the slow or fast pulse rate,  but it was worse when I was out of the house... Now I have symptoms at home all the time, and the symptoms are worse than ever... that's suck...

Still don't know what to do... The new Therapist will help me, but I need an antidepressant and can't start them cause of the increase anxiety I experience when I try to be back on them...

Anyway, give me some updates about the hearing loss... I hope it will stop!!!

I'm with you ok !

Take care ;-)
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I have been to the er once before about 2 weeks ago, maybe 3 where they didn't even run tests on me. they said I had text book anxiety. My symptoms switch to what I worry about the most.

at first it was the tingling of the hands, face, dizzy, racing heart vomiting.
it went away
I though of other illnesses and they came back
I went friday and saturday without much of a panic attack then sunday had them almost all night where they would come and go as I obsessed with my plugged ear.
thinking blood clot or low blood pressure what nots.
I have had all day today focused on my heart where I thought it was beating too slow or too fast. when ever I would walk my heart would race (well..not all the time)
my chest hurts (feels like heart burn)
and my left ear feels plugged.
I feel like I am choking sometimes
I smell tainted blood or metalic which is common in anxiety people to have sometimes odd smells that donot exist
do I think of the what ifs? yes but when I am not thinking about them they go away.
can I fight back and win? YES!! I just tell myself I am stupid, that I am 24yrs old and I am healthy. before then I would get anxiety before my periods but since my dog  died I just let go of my sanity I just go on my fav website and do the fun tests and if I fear that I have an illness I look at the symptoms as they occur, I even timed my PA and write down my symptoms as they happen and evaluate them after
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Thank you so much;) and i will definitely give you update on the hearing loss...it feels good to know that theres other people going through the same thing im going through, and a lot of my friends thought it was weird because they weren't going through the same thing.
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These are  all symptoms of anxiety. Please read Dr Claire Weeks book...Hope And Help For Your Nerves. Too much of the stress hormones do crazy things to our body. The crazy symptoms make us more stressed and confused. Vicious circle.  Once you understand this you can just surrender to the weird feeling and Stop the fight against them.  Then you must let Time Pass the let the nerves return to normal as the hormones decrease. I am talking days, weeks, months with an approach of acceptance and surrender. You must Let Go to Win. Give up the fight to control your body. Face, accept, surrender and float...Let time pass.
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Hi guys, I was looking for low cortisol and came across this question. OKay here I hope that since 2012 this message will arrive to you soon. OKay, stress is the main issue, as we all go through it (work, family, marriage, in laws, boyfriends, bills, neighbours, difficult people, headache people, annoying people, neighbour, work friend) name it all... stress is stress: so, this is what I found out by googling: I got same stuff: right ear: right eye: right shoulder. Okay, we all know stress, but: you guys MUST MUST do blood tests, because it can be low blood pressure, low iron, and this makes us worry more. This way, that can lead apparently to your thyroid which either is active or reactive. so in other words, you may be to be put on a medication to improve the balance. The body has the kidney which absorbs the salt and the water levels, if this has a problem with our cortisol, apparently it effects part of our body, like it can be different parts of body, even cancer. Okay I don't want to scare you off, but you must ask your doctors for a blood test to see where your blood pressure stands, or if your thyroid is in normal condition as this truly playes a roll in everything relating your stiff ear, eye, head, etc, because apparently it is the main cortisol which helps all the parts of our blood. For instance, I got very low red blood which isn't helping for me for stress. So this can be reasons maybe that some of you (like me) are stressed. So you must must ask your doctors for a general blood test, to see whether all those moods and symptoms have anything to do with the hormone that you got. It can be all related... all the best....
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