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hi there
just wondering if any1 can help me out???
for the last 4 week i have been having this burning feeling in my arm ,shoulder ,chest or( breast)not sure it goes right up to my neck and face on the left side.i have a app at a breast clinic in 2 weeks because of this pain.i have also been to the hospital they did xrays all clear....they put it down to neuropatic pain and was prescribed pregabalin that helps when i take it but when i dont take it and feel the pain all these feelings of getting bad news fron the breast clinic and the burning gets worse then gets better can get worse again and so on.it only seems to happen when i'm alone and sitting and thinking when i'm busy i can't feel it and it seems to subside.
i am begining to think i have an anxiety dissorder.........with a feeling of dread of whats to come.....
any input will be greatly recived....
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Feelings of dread and excessive worrying are classic symptoms of anxiety disorders. The burning feelings you are experiencing can also be associated with anxiety. You are doing the right thing by getting everything checked to rule out other causes... however, in my experience, if someone thinks they have an anxiety disorder.. they probably do. Try not to worry about the test results too much. If it is something else than anxiety, you will be properly treated. If it turns out to be "nothing," you can get started with a treatment plan for your anxiety.

All the best..
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I felt the exact same way for years and to this day I still do at times.  I was diagnosed with a few anxiety disorders, and when receiving proper treatment I feel normal again.

Hope things get better for you.
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