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any help is appreciated!

okay hello, 20yr old male. back in 2009 I suddenly became very lightheaded and it was there constantly! I went to tons of doctors from cardio to neuro and nobody could tell me what was wrong. I would do nothing but sit around at home for about 2 months because I was too lightheaded to walk! then eventually I began to feel slightly better to the point where I returned to school and could function somewhat normally. I would still feel lightheaded but not as bad, I feel like a may have just gotten used to it enough to deal with it.... then here in 2014 while at work my heart beat very strongly and I felt very nervous and suddenly the lightheadedness was back full blast. I have never been diagnosed with anxiety. So, now I went back to all the same types of doctors with still no answers. I've been out of work for a month now because all I can do is lay at home litteraly. the cardiologist did a physical exam but didn't actually look at my heart before he recomended I see a neurologist first. Then... the neorologist also just did a physical exam and didn't look at my brain. I'm worried they both could have overlooked something serious. Anyway the Neuro doc perscribed my migrane meds because that was his thought of what it could be. None of the meds he gave me helped at all.. and now my symtoms seem to be differnt. some of my recent symtoms are

lightheaded 24/7
frequent headaches
a lot of muscle twitches which Ive had as long as I can remember just didn't think they were serious.
trouble focusing, sometimes more then others
some chest pains and random arm pains
shaky feelings mostly in my legs or head
and I can always feel my pulse in my head

I find myself always searching these symtoms and it only makes me more scared of how serious it could be or what I could have. I have times almost everyday where everything gets really bad and i feel like I'm really going to just die. I never had any anxiety really until I started feeling lightheaded so that makes me feel like it isn't anxiety because it hit me like a train both in 2009 and now. It completely ruins my life leaving me bed/couch ridden for months at a time!! any ideas on what could be wrong with me?? thanks everyone
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