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are the side effects worth going off of effexor?

I have been on effexor xr for a couple of years now. I had surgery in December and they believed the stress on my body of being under anesthesia may have made my anxiety worse so they increased my dosage and i am not taking 225 mg a day. this seems much higher than anyone i have read on here. I fear the drug is making me over emotional and my anxiety worse. i am terrified to come off of it however because of the awful withdrawal symptoms..does anyone have any advice?
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I think if you know beforehand, as you do, how hard it is to come off this drug you will be prepared to go as slowly as you need to go and won't let a doctor or psychiatrist practice bad medicine on you.  This can't be proven, but my own instinct is that the worst cases are found in those who were never informed withdrawal was a possibility.  When it hits people like that, and I was one of them with Paxil, you have no idea what's going on and your doctor or psychiatrist probably won't tell you.  But since you do know, if things start to take a wrong turn, you'll know to slow down and go slower even if it takes a long time.  I'm not quite sure, however, of your initial premise, that anesthesia caused increased anxiety.  Being under is pretty awesome for anxiety sufferers.  It was more likely the stress of the surgery itself and the build-up to it.  Is your main problem depression, or anxiety?  Effexor is not a usual choice if your main problem is anxiety.
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