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are these panic attacks?

Hi, iv posted here before (diagnosed with depression and anxiety) i am just wondering what happens during an actual anxiety attack?
sometimes (quite often actually) when im studying i get sudden knots in my stomach, lump in my throat and restlessness. i start to think that the studying is too much for me and i will fail all my exams. it comes out of nowhere. i will be going fine with my studying and then all of a sudden it happens... iv no control over it and can never predict when it might happen.
it gets too much sometimes which leaves me to abandon studying and i take my medication early just to knock me out.
is this just general anxiety or could they be actual anxiety attacks?
is there a fine line?
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Seeing how you said that you have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, it sure sounds alot like a panic/anxiety attack to me.  What you are describing is what happens during one of these; that is why they often refer to it as panic attacks.  Panic and anxiety are definately interelated in my opinion.  In my personal experience panic attacks, cause anxiety which in turn can cause further panic attacks; it can be a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of sometimes, but it definatley can be done.  Have you been talking about this with a therapist at all?
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Hi, i was seeing a psychologist a while ago but stopped going as i didnt feel it was helping anymore. i see my psychiatrisy every 3 weeks or so but he generally just writes my prescriptions.
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Maybe give the psychotherapy another try?  Ask your psychiatrist for recommendations.  Sometimes people thrive more in a "group" setting rather than one on one with a psychologist.  There are a lot of options out there.

Also, supportive groups like this are GREAT!

Wishing you a peaceful day...
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Anxiety, schmanxiety. You're having profound episodes, bad mojo or whatever you want to call it so you need to do something about that. For what it is worth, read my journals: "Meet the Panic Family" and "Where is it Coming From" for sort of an overview. Nice of your shribk to write script -but I believe you really, really need to get into some deep therapy and go for those "root" causes.

Remember this: while the meds can help you get through the rought times, they don't cure anything. The cure -is in your brain.

AND ALSO please stay in touch here and let us know how its going, your progress and questions, etc.  Trust me there are many here whove been on that roller coaster YOU are talking about. Nasty ride.
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I agree with JS completely.  Getting into therapy is very important...not only to explore the root cause, as JS mentioned...but also to learn "coping" techniques.  Medications help a lot of people...but a combination of meds AND therapy is the most optimal, in my opinion.

Best of luck.
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