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attacks started again after 7 yrs

just started having whopping attacks again just got a script for adavan I was so desperate and I do natural medicine! I was intrigued by something I read about anxiety being a perimenapausal symptom. I just turned 40 and believe I am in this stage anyone else have info. I am aware I do have lots going on moving, job change, family illness so I can certainly understand why I'm more then a litttle stressed..lol
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Hi there. I'm 49. 10 years ago I ahd an anxiety attack, but did not realize what it was. It came and went no problem. Since last October I've been experiencing periodic attacks that leave me so drained for days. I only have gotten them on my periods, which have also changed from 3 months normal then one comes with a vengeance and I get these attacks, all blood tests are good Thyroid & hormones, I cam across a website which leads meto believe that I have started perimenopause about age 39.
Check out the site "could I be in perimenopause cemcor" It reall helped me out !
Hope you get to feeling better real soon !
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