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O h lord its taking me so long to admitt i have axiety attacks.I start with heart racing mind going out to never land and I feel like im not relly here.They come out of no where I woke up 10 at night went to emergency blood pressure was up said I was dehydrated gave me fluids.O n top of all this I got fluid in my ear and sick lol.I went to clinic put me on these pills made it worst stopped them.I try to take slow deep breathes relax in my mind say stop it!Well I know I am not crazy it seems always something else will occur to hurt or think I am lol.Glad I found this place
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I know exactly how you feel!  I'm glad you found this place too, I just found it today!  I have panic attacks & ended up in the ER twice within 3 days 5 years ago.  Finally the ER nurse identified that I was having panic attacks & called my doc herself to get me Xanax because the medication they prescribed me the day before would take atleast 1-2 weeks to work!  Since that 2nd bout of panic attacks I've been doing well until Wednesday night with a bad panic attack out of the blue as they usually are, sneaky suckers!!  My heart was racing, heart palpatations, sick to stomach, hot flashes, trembleing, etc.  Took a Xanax right away.  Thank God for those!  I've been under a lot of stress with on & off attacks since Wednesday.  I'm explaining all of this just to let you know I understand what you're going through & you are certainly not alone.  Please feel free to let me know if you just need someone to talk to, it seems to help a lot :)  
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As the old saying goes: "If at first you're meds don't succeed..." ;-)

First of all, dehydration is a problem with men our age, and that can affecgt out blood pressure, which -

Can affect our anxiety level.

Sux, don't it?

But as I started off saying, all medications are not equal. That'a why there are so many. So don't give up. find a good psychiatrist, and give it a chance. The medications do not always work right off the bat - ask the doc and the pharmacist how long you can expect it to be before you START to feel the effects.

"....Try, try again!".

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