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ok i had to have a sport physical to play sports like always and they do it at the school for $10 i always do it but this time they said my heart rate was too high they always told me that and then they would take it again and they said it was fine i always knew what was going to happen but it didnt matter i am always afraid so this time i had to go to my doctor because they said it was too high my dr. check it he said it was high they did an ekg and made me wear a heart montier on for 24 hrs it was horrible i was nereves and i couldnt sleep and all of that then i went back in to get it off they read it and said it was high i knew it would be so they set up an app.next thrus. with a cardoi. now i am really scared and it is like my dr. doesnt understand i get nereves what should i do?? i always get nereves for a test or dr. app. umm things like that i am just mad and i am not getting good sleep cause i am nereves then i have been taking my heart rate and it has been fine i am charting it too what should i do please help me?!??!?!?!?!
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First of all, deep belly breathing and stop taking your heart rate.  The more you take it, the higher it will go- I speak from experience!  Your heart rate could be up for a variety of reasons- dehydration (especially if you play sports), electrolyte imbalances - related to dehydration too, too much caffeine, lack of sleep, stress, etc...  Try to deep belly breath - take deep breaths by pushing your stomach out first, try guided imagery- which is thinking of a place you like to go to, or want to go to-
Stop charting the heart rate and make lists of things to do, things you want to accomplish.  Read a book or magazine- do things to divert your mind from your symptoms, this should help, but it takes time to reprogram your thinking.  I hope some of this helps you- All I can tell you is that I have been exactly were you are, and still sometimes get a fast heart rate, but I talk myself out of it - and divert my attention.
take care -
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I used one of those monitors for two week s. It would go off every 20 minutes or so and take my pulse and bp. I could only take it off to shower. I was asked to write down what I was doing at the time it went of if I had time of course. At the end of two weeks they found out I stressed out even walking into a Dr. office with some one else Dentists anything to do with DR.s So they called it white coat syndrome and gave me a prescription for a bp monitor . So when I go to the Dr. I show him what my pulse and bp were at home.  Cured.  They just make me nervous also certain situations will cause an elevation.
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I agree- but with me,  I actually think that I am less stressed w/my doctor than when i am alone!
I truly have a bad habit of checking my pulse if i feel a palp or if i get tachy though.  It is a vicious cycle!
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It is a vicious circle  first with a monotor, Then checking pulse for palp., Now they tell me I have been running a low grade fever for months. probably means an infection but where.     So now I'll have a thememotor sticking out of my mouth all the time. Hope this circle comes to a stop I'm very tired.
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Hey cat33-
(i am not sure if you are male or female) but could this be a hormonal thing going on?  Do you have any inflammatory things at all, such as arthritis, that could cause the low grade fever? it could also only be from maybe a urinary tract infection or something low-key like sinusitis.  Dehydration is a biggie too, esp. in the summer.  I would try to drink more water and less caffeine (if you drink caffeine) and see if this helps.  I know i would be doing the same thing w/the thermometer -
hope you feel better soon!
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