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bad swallowing and breathing

hi , i have these symptoms
1- dysphagia , i feel that i want someone to push down what i eat .
2- difficulty swallowing liquids too .
3- i feel that there are muscles contracted in the esophagous area , and it pull my chest inside .
4- difficulty breathing .
5- you can say i have a pain in my chest .
-- i took Effexor XR 75(1 bill in the morning) and Olapex 5(half a bill in the evening) , then
i took Effexor XR 75(1 bill in the morning) and Olapex 5(1/4 bill in the evening) .
without any improvement .
i do not know from what i suffer .
- by the way , i do not feel sad ( i think i am closely to anyone)  .
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Do you suffer from anxiety?  How long have you been taking the medications?

There is a symptom of anxiety that's fairly common, it's called globus hystericus.  Read this link and see if this rings a bell:


Are you in any kind of therapy?  If not, that's crucial.
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Let's try a different link:


Also, have you had a physical since this started?  Had your thyroid checked?
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Thanks for your reply , but
first of all , globus sensation or hystericus does not affect swallowing .
2- i do not know if i have anxiety or not , because my doctor did not tell me , and he do not want to tell me , but
i think "Olapex" is for anxiety , so i think he thinks that i am suffring from it .
3- i am sorry for this , i do not mean anything bad , but
are you a doctor ?
2- is there any doctors here answers our questions ?
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by the way , i had an endoscope and manometry and there was nothing , and the globus sensation can be discovered with any of the above mentioned .
- i was suffering from severe erosions and serve gastritis in the stomach , and still have gastritis .
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Actually, GH absolutely DOES affect swallowing in some people.  Did you read the info in the link?

It sounds like you need some clarification from your doctor, to find out exactly what he's thinking, what he's ruled out, and what his plan is.  It's a little alarming that you're not aware of why you were prescribed the medications you were, and that you're not aware of what the medication is typically prescribed for.  Olapex, also known as Zyprexa, is actually an atypical antipsychotic medication.  It's a pretty heavy hitting drug that comes with some considerations.


No, I'm not a doctor.  I'm a registered nurse, but like any other member here, we're just offering you some suggestions.  The internet isn't the place to seek a medical opinion.  There's never a substitution for IN person medical care, where a doctor can examine you and look at the whole picture, with your medical history and diagnostic test results.  

We DO have expert forums, you can browse the list and see if perhaps any of them meet your needs.  Some of the expert forums require a nominal fee to post your question.  Here's a link to the Expert Forums list:


I cannot stress enough that you need to ask questions, find out what it is your doc wants to Rx you and why, and then do some homework about the risks versus benefits.  You must be your own advocate, and not just blindly trust your doctor.  I would recommend making a follow up appt with the prescribing doc, and soon.

Good luck to you.  I hope you find some answers, and some relief.  Update us when you can.
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